17 May 2006

Premium Photoelectric Detector from OPTEX



The Photoelectric detectors AX-70TN/130TN/200TN and AX-100TF/200TF are compact in design with an IP rating of 65 ensuring high durability and accurate optical alignment performance.


“Durability” and “accuracy of optical alignment” are the most basic performance features for outdoor detectors and are used for severe outdoor environmental conditions.  At the same time, these are the most important features.  By reassessing these features, Optex has improved the basic performance of photoelectric detectors and have developed the AX-TN and TF series.   


The AX-TN Series is a standard model with detection ranges of 20m (AX-70TN), 40m (AX-130TN) and 60m (AX-200TN).  By utilizing rubber packing for all conceivable points, it prevents rain, dust, and tiny insects from getting into the unit.  Also, the widely designed optical pitch maximizes the detection principle of the twin beam. 


The AX-TF Series is an enhanced model of the AX-TN Series with detection ranges of 30m (AX-100TF) and 60m (AX-200TF). These models utilize the IP65 durability rating and boast a well designed optical pitch.  The beams also provide highly accurate optical alignment utilizing LED indicators.     


Key features include:


l       Highly durable IP65 construction with high sealing rubber packing

Rubber packing is used for all conceivable points where water or dust may penetrate, such as wiring hoes, wire ports and the outer chassis. Prevention from dust, bugs and water delivers performance with higher reliability against false alarms and breakdowns.


l       3 step alarm indicator LED for fast & accurate optical alignment (TF model)

The alignment condition is visually displayed on the LED and it allows precise optical alignment.

The certain degree of accurate optical alignment has been completed with LED indicators so that the hour for fine adjustment with voltmeter can be also reduced.      


l       Optex’s unique D.Q. (environmental disqualification) Circuit (TF model)

D.Q. circuit (environmental disqualification) automatically alarms when there is a loss of beam energy caused by bad environmental conditions.    


l       Selectable 4 beam frequencies (TF model)

The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid unwanted crosstalk that can occur when using multiple photobeams for long distance or beam stacking applications.



These advanced features drastically reduce false alarms caused by severe outdoor environmental changes and provide a wide range of applications for both residential and industry functions. 


In order to increase the effectiveness of a security system, Optex recommends not only securing the inside of the building but also adding surveillance to the perimeter of the property. The newly developed short-range photoelectric detectors from Optex offers enhanced outdoor surveillance that is capable of forestalling unauthorized entry into a building. 

This gives effective response and solutions to present situations.


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