27 August 2007

Now CCTV installers can enjoy the high performance ease of Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Elvey Security Technologies has set the standard for DVR technology by proudly introducing the new SymDectm16 plus 4.

V-Stream technology manages network transmission in this new generation of DVR. It’s a hybrid DVR with up to 4 IP Streams and an integrated SymSuite solution. The Cooling TunnelTM design extends the HDD life and has the capacity to internally store up to 3TB.

Francois Smuts, Elvey’s CCTV product manager comments: “This breakthrough in Video Surveillance Equipment gives you the opportunity to record full size images on every channel in real time, recording at a remarkable 25 frames per second”.

The unit can introduce “hybrid” recording, and has the ability to operate with conventional analog cameras. As an added feature, it is equipped with a built in DVD burner, and can also support USB flash and hard drives. The unique alarm indicator light bar together with its sleek modern interface makes this product an attention-grabbing solution from Elvey.

User and admin log-in adds to the high and sophisticated level of specialized security this product has to offer. Digital recording has never been easier with an IR remote included with the SymDectm16 plus 4. This advanced feature offers trouble-free control and access.

Elvey Security Technologies only uses top of the range products, and is therefore a proud distributor of GE Security products. For further information please visit their website at www.elvey.co.za or phone them on +27 (0) 11 401-6700.

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