27 August 2007

Always thought that video-recording is the latest trend? Elvey Security Technologies is proud to introduce a quality cost-effective solution for users wanting to expand their video-recording possibilities.

The reliable UDVR4 recording module from VisionLine, is an economic solution appropriate for any home and small business applications. This DVR-product can easily be connected to your computer via a USB port, making its functionality a pleasure for anyone who uses it. By using 2 units per PC you can maximize your camera inputs, thus giving you 8 channels of video that can be viewed and recorded at any moment.

“This unique product from VisionLine, transforms your computer into a high-performance PC based DVR. It’s completely plug ‘n play, and very mobile. It can be removed from one PC and connected to another via a USB port in seconds”, comments Elvey Technical Support Manager, Gideon Wheeler.

Equipped with full network capability and web browser functionality, the UDVR4 is a perfect up-sell product to home owners and small businesses who wants to add a reliable recording functionality to their new or existing CCTV system. No power supply is required and the device is fully compatible with WINDOWS 2000 or XP, making the end-user’s digital video recording effortless and easy accessible.

Elvey Security Technologies is a proud sole distributor of VisionLine products. For further information, please contact Elvey Security Technologies at +27 (0) 11 401-6700 or visit their website at

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