27 August 2007

Tired of looking for places to hide your home or spare keys? Elvey Security Technologies introduces the exciting KeySafe Pro from GE Security. You’ll never have to worry about loosing your keys again!

The KeySafe Pro Permanent is a revolutionary and convenient way to safely store your keys. It is an easily managed, access controlled product which makes it appropriate to use in homes, businesses or in any situation where keys are needed for entry.

There are multiple neutral colors to fit your specific décor, and for added security your code can be changed as many times as you like. This smart product is equipped with a handy, durable weather cover to keep it out of sight and prevent water from entering the unit.

The easy-to-use keybox can be easily mounted onto any wall or flat surface, using only 4 screws. Now you can enjoy jogging without worrying about your keys, by simply locking them in the keybox. Your office keys can be kept safe, and only you have access to them. Thus, the possibilities for the use of the KeySafe Pro are endless. So whether you have to leave keys for the gardener, domestic worker or family members, you just simply change the code to one of the 1024 combinations it offers.

Elvey Security Technologies supplies a wide range of products from GE Security. For more information, visit our website at or give us a call on +27 (0) 11 401 6700.

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