12 February 2008

Begin with the control panel that is the mark of excellence in security. The new upgraded PowerSeries v.4.20 from DSC comes with a wide array of new features and improvements to existing ones.

PowerSeries v.4.20 builds on top of the digital security standard by starting with all of the new features and enhancements in the PowerSeries range. New Night Mode Arming, One Button Global Arming and “Arm in Away Mode” option for remote arming. And three new zone types including the Night Zone; and new programming defaults designed specifically for the South African market makes programming quick and easy. The PC1808 control panel can now accommodate up to 32 wireless zones.

Improvements to the new PowerSeries PK range of keypads includes: any one of the emergency keys can be disabled on individual keypad; keypad back lighting level can be adjusted on all PK keypads. And any one of the four different chime sounds can be programmed per zone with any PK keypad.

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