17 March 2008

Security products manufacturing giant Optex has once again proven why it is known as the world leader in security equipment production. The Japanese-based manufacturer has developed the CX-502 AM passive infrared detector, which is infused with the world’s first Multi Anti-Masking Technology.

The unit is uniquely designed with integrated technology that provides the widest range of protection against any form of masking, including a sensor with the highest degree of reliability that detects invisible and black spray, transparent tape and even black paper that usually tends to absorb the infrared rays.

The CX-502AM offers an array of outstanding features, including a self-checking function, which performs a regular operational ‘check’ at five-hourly intervals, to ensure that the unit is working properly. When several detectors have been connected in the same alarm loop, the initial alarm memory function indicates which detector was activated first by using a flickering LED (Light Emitting Diode). Its also has a low current draw that drastically reduces energy consumption.

Stable detection performance is due to the highly accurate and reliable detection pattern that maintains its sensitivity though out the detected area, even in high temperature and low contrasting environments. The unit’s Quad Zone Logic allows it to detect the smallest temperature contrast against the background temperature, due to the high vertical zone which is two or three times the size of conventional passive infra-reds (PIRs). The vertical detection density can also pick up ‘dead zones’ created by furniture or partitions. The advanced temperature compensation also increases detection capability according to the high temperature conditions where the background temperature is similar to that of the human body.

Finally, as a protection measure to prevent false alarms, the CX-502AM has a double filtering and conductive metal shielding of the Pyro which blocks out visible light and radio frequency interference (RFI), only allowing infrared energy to reach the pyroelectric element.

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