20 March 2008

Samsung meeting your surveillance needs with the new SCC-C6475P SmartDome IP camera

In keeping with its position as one of the world leading CCTV manufacturers, Samsung Electronics has launched the next generation of SmartDome IP cameras.

The Samsung SCC-C6475P SmartDome IP camera aspires to be the most versatile surveillance solution yet, boasting a 1/4” 410K pixel with Exview CCD. It comes equipped with 360-degree horizontal and 180-degree vertical turning, while it can search at a maximum speed of 400 degrees per second.

The camera’s minimum scene illumination of 0.002 Lux easily converts the minimal amounts of light entering each area, thereby ensuring vivid images with a performance that is far greater than that of conventional cameras. It possesses a variety of housings and mounts to tailor it to virtually any installation environment, and has a variety of accessories such as indoor and outdoor housings, wall mountings and so on.

The unit permits the user to set a maximum of 128 preset points, each having their own defined actions such as Dwell Time and method (moving speed, ID, Iris, Shutter and Speed). Ensuring the utmost convenience the camera also has an ‘image hold’ function which kicks in when moving between preset points.

“Through its user friendly, yet powerful network software, the camera is able to support various network protocols so it can accommodate all users including HTTP, FTP, TCP, IP, and so forth.” says Valerie Bingham, Elvey’s product manager.

It is installed with a Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi) that can send interlaced video signals corresponding to the conventional analogue broadcasting method. The DCDi provides sharp, noiseless images for videos with high movement by compressing the moving images and converting them into progressive video, after digitally processing the noise generated by the time difference between fields.

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