15 April 2008

Advance Surveillance with Shany’s MTC-L5838HQ

With a philosophy based on the design and production of high quality products that are efficient and provide best service to clients, Shany Electronics focuses particularly on technology support, quality guarantee, and support for all its clients’ needs.

The company’s MTC-L5838HQ infra-red (IR) vandal proof camera has been designed to provide optimal security surveillance for banks, shops and commercial building. It is fitted with an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit that automatically controls the amplifier gain thereby ensuring a constant maintenance of varying input and output voltage.

This camera can be mounted anywhere on the wall or on a mounting bracket. The camera automatically switches to colour mode during the day and to black and white (B/W) at night depending on the levels of illumination making it ideal for around the clock surveillance.

The dome cover is highly resistant to external shocks, which means it is well protected the camera from acts of vandalism. Because utilizes a unique three-axis mechanism the camera has a full360 degree view of the premises it is protecting. The MTC-L5838HQ also comes with a minimum rating of IP66 for external housing, as it is a water resistant device. The camera has a 10 IR LEDs which allows it to have a radius of 15 meters and comes equipped with a resolution of 540 television lines (TVL) to ensure the highest quality pictures.

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