18 April 2008

Hyundai has once again positioned itself as a world leader in the Home Network Systems, due to its continuous development of digital technology. The latest product from the Korean-based technology giant is the HCC703 camera.

Stylishly designed, with a metal coating providing elegance to add to its and security functionality, the HCC-703 is a compact camera with a light sensitive piece of semiconductor material that forms the imaging device and is installed with a 1/3’ pixel chip to allow for top quality pictures.

The camera’s advanced digital signal processing automatically switches colour depending on the availability of light, using colour imaging in the day time and black and white in the evening, in order to provide reliable round- the clock viewing. The camera angle can easily be adjusted either from left to right, or up or down.

The HCC -703 is embedded with either a flush mount or surface mount making it suitable for any kind of surface and easy to install. The HCC-703 has an aluminum covering that is used to protect the units from eroding, since it is designed as an outdoor camera. The camera also has a minimum illumination setting giving it the capability to convert the speed of light entering into each area, thereby making the object more visible even if the illumination levels are quite low.

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