28 April 2008

Enter into the advanced age of photoelectric detectors with the Optex AX-200TN

Optex has succeeded in strengthening the basic performance of detectors with the introduction of the new AX-200TN beam detector, the best short range photoelectric detector available.

Rubber packaging seals and protects the AX-200TN units from dust, bugs and water while ensuring the units deliver high performance and reliability against false alarms and breakdowns.

“Its durable IP65 structure aids in the prevention of damage to the unit while keeping the detector operating accurately in outdoor environments,” says Rudi Kuhn, Elvey Security Technologies product specialist

The IP65 structure will ensure stable operation during heavy rains, dust storms, fog or snow, and the unit guarantees 99% beam blocking stability. The detector is also easily maintained, due to its flat anti-frost hood cover that protects the lower section of the unit from dust and frost build-up.

Ensuring absolute power, the AX-200TN carries a maximum detection range of 60 metres, providing a great detection range. Both the length and width between the upper and lower optics are engineered to produce an intelligent detection pattern that will detect only human intruders.

The detector boasts an improved Electro-Magnetic Interference surge absorber and high surge resistive that protects the unit from lightning surges of up to 15 Kv while still maintaining stable operation. To fit any application the beam has an adjustable beam interruption period that allows for longer interruption time when protecting areas such as walls or fences.

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