03 July 2006
The Next Level of Alarm Signal Transmission
Elvey provides its valued customers with a comprehensive variety of products. Included in the range is its latest offering, T-Link Network Alarm Communicator.

In the same way that cellular telephones, pagers and handheld PDAs have revolutionized personal communication, the DSC T-Link family of Internet and network alarm communicators, brought to you by Elvey, will provide your customers with the next level of alarm signal delivery. The TL250 connects to compatible DSC control panels to enable alarm communication to central monitoring stations over the Internet. The TL300 connects to the telephone output of any control panel that uses the Contact ID format, providing a TCP/IP connection that sends predefined contact ID codes to central monitoring station.

The data transmissions created by T-Link alarm communicators are small and require only a limited amount of network bandwidth. This ensures timely and accurate delivery of the alarm signal. Even in the event the primary receiver IP address is inaccessible, the modules are capable of reporting to two different e-mail addresses. These e-mail addresses can be associated with a personal computer, pager, enabled mobile phone or handheld PDA. The T-Link network alarm communicator is a low- cost alternative to traditional phone line alarm communication, T-link works within the existing Intranet (LAN/WAN) of businesses to communicate alarm signals efficiently and economically to DSC SG-Reporter IP monitoring Software.

There are three types of the T-Link networks, TL300, TL250 and the TL100. The TL300 can be configured to operate as a stand-alone communicator for interfacing existing third-party control equipment. It is compatible with any third-party control panel that communicates using the Contact ID format. The industry-leading, 128-bit AES encryption (NIST approved), polling and hardware substitution protection helps eliminate security risks, providing complete peace of mind. Programming can be accomplished over the internet with T-Link console software or directly at the panel keypad. The TL250 has all the features the TL300 has including Administrator software. It is compatible with DSC Power864 and MAXSYS (v3.2 or higher) control panels. The TL100 uses TCP/IP protocol to transmit information quickly to the central monitoring station. It is compatible with DSC Power864 and MAXSYS (v3.2 or higher) control panels. There is full reporting of all control panel events. The SG-Reporter IP software is Windows-based and can monitor up to 255 T-Link accounts.

The T-Link Network Alarm Communicator offers installers added benefits. This unit is exceptionally fast and allows for easy programming as compared to other technologies. The T-Link system is designed for applications such as banks, governments, retailers and schools, as these applications utilize their clients existing internet broadband connection. There is no fear of line cuts or failure thus resulting in a more reliable supervised security and faster emergency response due to reduced bottleneck at central monitoring station. The T-Link works seamlessly with your existing security system without changing any old equipment. Therefore the T-Link system is a value added system, with benefits that speak for it.

Elvey Security Technologies is proudly the sole recognised distributor of DSC Products in South Africa. Whether you’d like more info, an obligation-free quote, or simply an assessment of your security needs, we’ll be happy to oblige.

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