30 July 2008
Experience the Speed of the Installation
With the DSC self-contained wireless alarm system PowerSeries 9045, installers can deliver a full-featured home security solution that installs in minutes. DSC has brought to the market the revolutionary PowerSeries 9045. This long anticipated self-contained wireless product is guaranteed to revolutionize the speed in which wireless systems are installed.

With DSC’s new PowerSeries 9045 security system, install time is reduced on each system by at least 30 percent compared to traditional hybrid systems. This provides an opportunity to increase the number of installs per day. The PowerSeries 9045 eliminates the clutter and expense of pulling wire to a host of sensor and detector accessories and has the smallest footprint of any self-contained wireless alarm system currently available.

Not only is the PowerSeries 9045 from DSC compatible with all sensors and detectors, the system is fully UPGRADEABLE to 32 wireless zones and 2 hardwired zones. Currently featuring 433MHz technology, the PowerSeries 9045 offers a wireless range of 350 meters, and is flexible enough for a variety of applications.

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