06 August 2008

Innovation, reliability, quality, and leading edge design are just some of the values embedded in Elvey’s comprehensive range of world-class security products. The company is now proud to introduce the latest such product, the GM730 seismic detector from Siemens.

Offering the highest detection rates, the GM730 is designed for round-the clock monitoring of safes, night deposits and automatic teller machines. Versatile in application, the GM730’s low profile design makes is easy to install on the premises or with a remote, as it can be pre-programmed with the site specifications. As an optional tool, the Sens Tool Software enables the modification of default operating parameters, as well as detector performance monitoring.

The detector is installed with technology that can reliably recognise any number of illegal means of attempted access, from explosive attacks to attempts using modern equipment such as diamond-tipped drills, or metal and hydraulic pressure tools. Its predefined settings also allow the detector to be set up for steel and concrete applications.

At the heart of the GM730 is the SENSTEC Bimorph sensor, an intelligent micro-controller-based signal that evaluates the narrow frequency band to ensure reliable detection which is immune to environmental influences including air and structure borne noise from external disturbances. These detectors can be used under well-camouflaged situations, making their presence virtually undetectable. Even sight of these detectors does not indicate their full sphere of operation, and movement by any intruder will immediately be recorded. Finally, the device has a fully integrated continuous full system for self-testing, which ensures an uninterrupted high level of reliability.

Elvey Security Technologies is a proud distributor of Siemens products. For more information about the product, or an obligation free quote or assessment of your security needs please contact your nearest Elvey branch or log on to our website at


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