22 September 2008

Adding value to any installation with the new W4965 Tri-Zone detector

Achieving a balance between functionality, reliability and refined security is never easy, so the launch of the all new W4965 Tri-Zone door/window contact from DSC and Elvey Security Technologies.

The wireless Tri-zone detector WS4965 adds value to any installation by providing installers with three zones and reliable 433 MHz technology and fully compatible with the new DSC 9045 self-contained wireless security system. The device can be mounted in the traditional manner, or if that is inconvenient for applications such as garage door openers, it can be configured for normally closed “tilt switch” operation.

This unit has the ability to detect and analyze seismic vibrations caused through attempted break-ins before the criminal is able to enter the premises. The detectors are ideal for residential, commercial, governmental and financial facilities. The WS4965 is able to monitor for minor vibrations (and count them to a preset limit) and for major attacks at the same time.

With dual technology this detectors are able to detect attempted break-ins before entry to the premises. Available with microwave frequency at 9.9 GHz or 10.5 GHz, the dual technology detectors feature an infrared view by means of 24 beams on four levels.

Elvey Security Technologies is a proud sole distributor of DSC products in Southern Africa and will happily answer any queries that you may have. For more information about the product, or for an assessment or an obligation free quote of your security needs, please contact your nearest Elvey branch or log on to our Web site at


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