07 November 2008

The New Generation of Network Surveillance Solution

The new SNC-B2315 real-time network camera from Samsung Electronics is a high performance camera that allows surveillance through networks anywhere in the world. In addition, as a high resolution camera applying standard MPEG4 and MJPEG compression algorithms, it not only provides clear images in real time

but also ensures maximum compatibility.

The SNC-B2315 adopted the High Performance Ti DaVinci DSP technology which provides Real-time framerate of 25fps at D1 resolution. This allows the camera to captured all important moments.

With dual-encoding capability, it can generate and transfer both MPEG and MPEG4 images simultaneously at 25fps even though the image size is set to D1 resolution of 720 x 576. This dual encoding and streaming capability is useful for transferring MPEG4 images over limited network bandwidth, while storing high resolution MJPEG images to the Network Recording Software or Network Video Recorder (NVR) device.

When events occur, built-in buffering memory will store pre and post alarm images. These images can be transmitted to FTP server, sent via Email or recorded onto the SD memory card. Maximum buffering duration is total 60 seconds. (When buffering 1ips) Maximum buffering image numbers are 5 images per second.

The SNC-B2315 also enables true hybrid camera operation. With both Ethernet and BNC connections, the SNC-B2315 can simultaneously stream Network video across a network and analogue video via coaxial cabling to support existing analogue equipment.

With built in webserver, the SNC-B2315 offers remote network monitoring capability via Microsoft Internet Explorer or the new Samsung Net-i software.

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