18 December 2008

Get more Exposure with VisionPrime

Elvey Security Technologies is proud to announce the arrival of VisionPrime LDP-LE920XI Day/Night Bullet camera, which makes all things possible!

That’s according to Valerie Bingham, Product Manager of Elvey Security Technologies, which holds the sole distribution rights for VisionPrime range of cameras and CCTV products.

Commenting on its unparalleled performance, she says the camera is the ultimate monitoring solution for challenging environments. “Whether in the dead of night or in rain, snow and dust, it will unfailingly provide 42pcs of high-performance IR (Infrared) LEDs (light-emitting diode) to deliver 45m of natural contrast image in zero visible light.”

She adds: “This unique night vision camera allows for the monitoring and securing of high-risk and challenging areas such as building entrances and perimeters. It’s also the long-awaited answer for the protection of warehouse goods because of its ability to provide detailed imagery in complete darkness situations using cutting-edge infrared light technology.”

Constructed from hard-wearing aluminium, its tough outer casing protects an ultra high-tech inner, namely a Sony 1/3” Super ExView HAD High-Resolution colour CCD chip, from not only inclement weather but vandalism.

Further, the camera has a special split glass design. This allows for the minimization of halo effects caused by the reflection of infrared beams emitted by the LED back to the lens, which Bingham says has long been a problem in standard cameras with IR LED.

Its superior image quality is further supported through the use of mechanical filter technology, which allows the camera to produce 550TVL colour images (580TVL in black and white). Bingham also notes its 3.8 - 9.5mm vari-focal auto-iris lens, an additional benefit that gives an increased field of view.

Users may be assured of complete peace of mind when choosing the LDP-LE920XI camera, she concludes, since it is IP66 rated by the International Electrotechnical Commission with regard to the environmental protection offered by its external casing.

Elvey Marketing