17 July 2006

The end-users: Gwen Sereme and Mziwakhe Malaza, Project Administrators, Rand Water.

Based at the Rand Water Head Office in Glen Vista Johannesburg, Gwen and Mziwakhe are Project Administrators responsible for electrical automation projects including the management, installation and maintenance of electronic security equipment at Rand Water. The most recent projects faced by the pair involve the planning and installation of CCTV systems around the many Rand Water facilities. “To undertake a project of such scale, one has to have an in-depth understanding of CCTV in terms of product, design and technical know-how”, explains Mziwakhe.

“CCTV is a unique subdivision of security which requires adequate understanding when working with engineers,
consultants and technicians. Poor knowledge in this field will compromise the standard and quality of the installation” says Gwen. “In our line of work we deal closely with many technical personnel on a daily basis and therefore need to keep up with advancements in CCTV.”

Gwen continues, “Presently, there are only a few suppliers in the security industry that offer training on CCTV equipment. However, none of these suppliers offer a well-structured course that covers the various aspects of CCTV. End-users no longer wish to be 'spoon- fed' with technical information. We want the confidence to make an informed decision objectively in terms of product and systems planning.”

“While conversing with a colleague, he recommended that we attend Tavcom Training offered by Elvey” says Mziwakhe. Both Gwen and Mziwakhe believe that Tavcom is what they have been looking for - internationally recognized CCTV training accredited by UK education authority.

“The training is intense. However, classes are kept small to ensure that each learner receives personal attention. In addition, state-of-the-art work stations made the learning process very pleasant. Tavcom is definitely a must for everybody involved in CCTV be it technical or even end-users”, says Gwen.

“It's now time for us to capitalize on what we've learned from Tavcom Training. The knowledge that we've gained will certainly add value to our work. I think the first question that I am going to ask contractors is whether their technicians are Tavcom accredited” smiles Mziwakhe.

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