20 April 2009

Work smarter, not harder with the DSC 9045

Imagine an intrusion detection system that not only takes half the normal time to install but also satisfies the style requirements of even the most upmarket clients.

Imagine no longer – it’s a reality with the wireless DSC 9045 security system.

One of Elvey Security Technologies’ newest additions to its exclusive product range, the DSC 9045 couldn’t have arrived at a better time, says company CEO Jack Edery.  “In the current economic slowdown, installers are under pressure to maintain their bottom lines.  This can be done by hiking their prices – not ideal - or increasing their volumes of installations which is by far a better option.  With the DSC 9045, working smarter, not harder, has become a reality.  It’s at least 30% quicker to install than other products on the market, and it’s also much simpler since it doesn’t require cabling and drilling is minimal.”

Proof of its ability to meet even the most stringent requirements can be found in an upmarket new townhouse complex in posh Hyde Park.

A corporate home-from-home to young professionals and overseas executives, the development’s architectural style combines glass and aluminium with glossy tiles and water features.  According to Mr Edery, security originally comprised a control room, guards and a closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system. The developer decided to further enhance residents’ security with the addition of an intrusion detection system. 

The brief

The client’s brief was exacting, he says. 

Owing to the particular dynamics of that complex, where residents typically spend little time at home, either working long hours, socialising or travelling, units are often vacant.  Stylishly and expensively furnished, these empty homes are desirable targets for robbers, hence the need for an aesthetically-pleasing, state-of-the-art intrusion detection system.  Most units have patios, gardens and/or balconies, which meant that outdoor as well as indoor protection was required.

The system had to link to the complex’s control room, so that security personnel could be immediately dispatched in the event of an alarm being triggered. 

In addition, the system not only had to be easy to use but also able to notify owners of the security status of their properties at any time.  Since most residents use their cell phones and 3G cards for communication, units invariably don’t have fixed telephone lines.  This meant that alternative methods of communication between control room and owners had to be found.

Considering the wide use of water and reflective material used in the complex, the outdoor trigger had to be able to differentiate between real threats and reflections caused by sunlight.

Finally, the developer wanted a system that would be quick to install with minimal drilling and no dust.

The solution

The Elvey team had no hesitation in recommending the DSC 9045, which fulfilled the developer’s requirements perfectly, says Elvey Product Manager Kenny Chiu.  “One of the many benefits of the DSC 9045 is that it is a self-contained alarm system in which all components are built into the system keypad.  By contrast, traditional alarm systems require separate control panels to be housed elsewhere.  As a result, it took less than an hour to install 8 zones in a unit and only two drillings were needed: one for the keypad, the other for the outdoor boundary detector.  Not only does this save on installation time and costs, but its slick design blends in with any architecture.  In contrast, a typical hard-wired system would take at least two hours to complete.”

Elvey then suggested that the Bentel GSM/GPRS wireless alarm communicator be incorporated into the system, to inform both residents and security guards of alarm triggers via SMS over the GSM/GPRS network. In the event of an alarm, the communicator operates as a SMS dialer, capable of automatically dialing up to eight pre-programmed telephone numbers to deliver an alarm message.

Specifically designed to be centrally wall-mounted, the wireless battery-operated BX-80NR from Optex, with its long, narrow detection capabilities, covers the perimeter with a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders before they break in, adds Chiu.  With its intelligent, size-judging function, it is able to discriminate between large objects such as human beings, and small objects such as pets or birds within the detection area, thus eliminating false alarms.


The result

“The residents are delighted with the system in its entirety.  Despite occupying the smallest footprint of any self-contained wireless alarm system available, it is equipped with the industry’s largest, full-message LCD display. This way security messages and prompts are not ignored and are easily read,” says Chiu.  “They also like the wireless key fob which enables them to set their alarms to arm, disarm, stay or panic simply by pressing a button.”


Residents were also impressed with the non-obtrusive, sleek and slender appearance of the both the system keypad and boundary detector which blended seamlessly into existing the decor and environment.


The GSM/GPRS communicator notifies residents of alarm triggers via SMS and using this same technology, owners can arm and disarm their systems via their cell phones. “As an added home automation and environmental-friendly option, the communicator has extra output allowing end-users to switch their geysers on or off via SMS messaging through their cell phones” Chiu adds.

“Not only does the DSC 9045 offer multiple benefits for home owners - it’s also the ideal product to improve profits for installers, firstly, because installation time per unit is significantly reduced, making it possible to complete more installations in the same period of time.  And secondly, because a wireless system is generally easier to maintain than a hard-wired system, owing to its limited use of cable.”


Elvey Marketing