30 April 2009

SureConnect: a new era in security technology


The need for people to have greater control over all aspects of their lives stands to be reliably and affordably met with a new product called SureConnect – “internet and cellular technology at its best” in the words of Jack Edery, CEO of Elvey Security Technologies. 


One of the latest arrivals in Elvey’s security product range, which is also an ideal tool for service providers who want to take their businesses into the fast lane, says Mr Edery.  “In today’s highly competitive security industry, what could be better than you being able to offer your clients superior alarm monitoring?” 


Demand from the security-conscious

South Africans have become very security-conscious, determined to reduce their vulnerability as much as possible in the face of ongoing crime,” Mr Edery says.  “That’s why demand for reliable, intelligent, technologically-advanced security systems is higher than ever before.  Over the past year, the security industry has focused significant time and attention on how best to incorporate IP technology into intruder detection and CCTV products and services.  The result is the utilization of GSM and GPRS wireless data transmission mechanisms that can be configured to existing TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol) networks.  This allows for security systems to be monitored via the internet or on mobile phones instead of using radio frequencies and phone lines which have transmission limitations and deficiencies in dependable signal verification.”




How it works

SureConnect is a signal-clearing house for the South African electronic security industry, providing a routing service for electronic security signals to various destinations anywhere in the world, explains Mr Edery.  “Using this technology, video images can now be sent with a lot more detail, speed and accuracy to control rooms or reaction services.  This ‘Secured Super Highway’ allows people immediate and visual access to their homes or businesses via cell phone or computer linked to a SIM card-enabled or networked security system.” 


New opportunities


According to Mr Edery, cellular and internet technological advances such as SureConnect have created new opportunities for the security industry.  “Its usage of South Africa’s growing cellular network and the ever-improving affordability of high-speed internet connections allows for the provision of state-of-the-art security connectivity.  SureConnect offers dealers a tried and tested turnkey solution that can help them identify new sales opportunities, generate recurring income, and up-sell or cross-sell to their existing client bases.  It will give them the edge with regard to retaining and even growing their market share and creating a source of annuity income while simultaneously allowing them to enhance their customers’ safety.”


Efficient, simple and affordable

“What’s really exciting about the product is how well it combines efficacy with simplicity and affordability,” says Mr Edery.  “It is easily integrated into existing security systems.  Little, if any, capital investment is required.  And no advanced technical knowledge and complicated communication protocol is necessary.”   


How safe is it?

One of the questions most often asked about new technology is how safe it is.  Mr Edery’s response is “very safe, for a number of reasons”. 

“SureConnect is the first, and presently the only, APN in South Africa to provide a closed cellular and internet environment dedicated to security-related services.  This translates to a level of security and safety uncompromised by sophisticated criminal syndicates.”  He includes further on his list of safety features that it has a dedicated bandwidth specifically designed around its own needs; backup power is in place to ensure that the system’s operations are uninterrupted in the event of load-shedding; and huge volumes of multiple events can be handled by the system at any given time.

Sending signals through an open cellular network shared with the public can create data backlog, which in turn can result in late security alerts, warns Mr Edery.  “With SureConnect, data is sent through the dedicated, secured ANP to ensure a clear, consistent and almost immediate delivery.”


Market opportunities

SureConnect offers unlimited application opportunities that Mr Edery says will appeal to a cross-section of existing and potential clients.  “Geared towards a broad target base, SureConnect is a vital part of a turn-key security solution in a variety of applications.  These include redundancy or back-up systems for companies with full alarm monitoring facilities and infrastructure. It’s also ideal for monitoring children at home, staff, factories and offices, retail stores, bank branches, department stores and mines.  For entities without fixed lines, where radio frequency coverage is limited or which don’t have electricity, it’s the perfect solution.”


In short, he says, SureConnect has brought with it a new era of real-time, high-resolution image transmission for end-users who want full control of their security.


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