29 April 2009

Optex AX-TN




Myth:    It’s possible to dodge the beams of a photoelectric detector with cosmetic dust, night vision goggles or by shining a laser on them.

Fact:    Not so, says Kenny Chiu, Marketing Manager of Elvey Security Technologies.


“In a recent episode of Mythbusters (Discovery channel), the Optex AX-TN Photoelectric Detector was used to test the myths that surround the susceptibility of photodetectors to bypass attempts,” says Chiu.  “In every instance, the myths were bust, proof that it’s almost impossible to get past the beams.”


According to Chiu, the Optex AX-TN series is a leader in its field for a number of reasons.  “The compact photoelectric beam detector, with its IP65 high durability rating, offers accurate optical alignment performance. These features drastically reduce false alarms caused by severe outdoor environmental changes, which makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.”


The AX-TN Series was awarded its IP65 rating because of its durable rubber casing which prevents rain, dust and tiny insects from getting into the unit, he notes.  “The detector is equipped with a feature called Gain Control (AGC), which allows its circuit to continually monitor changes in signal strength however gradual.  No matter what the weather conditions, whether snow, rain or fog, it is able to adjust the trigger level in order to maintain proper sensitivity.”


Adds Zane Greeff, technical director at Elvey Security Technologies: “The detector’s ability to restrict false alarms is centred on twin-beam technology.  Because twin beams require simultaneous interruption to trigger an alarm, no alarm is generated when only one beam is blocked.”


Another benefit is its flexibility, he continues.  “The beam interruption time can be adjusted according to the peculiarities of each installation site.  When protecting a wall or fence, a long interruption time will catch intruders but let jumping cats pass through.  This enhances stability while maintaining reliability.”



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