04 September 2009

Elvey cheers as Optex releases new REDWALL Outdoor Sensor


With 66 robberies[1] taking place each day, according to South African Police Service (SAPS) statistics for 2007/2008, an outdoor device able to trigger a surveillance camera is a critical component of today’s best security systems.


So when a product such as Optex’s new REDWALL Outdoor Sensor is released on to the market, security professionals let out an audible sigh of relief, says Francois Smuts, New Business Development Manager for Elvey Security Technologies.


“Experts all agree that when securing a vast industrial area, the traditional static CCTV system has its limitations, even in the most well-designed security architecture,” he says.  “However, with the launch of super-new technology, which incidentally can be integrated into existing CCTV systems, the face of surveillance is going to change significantly.”


According to Smuts, the REDWALL Sensor is specifically designed for outdoor detection applications required to be able to trigger video transmission systems and PTZ camera control.  These detectors operate off an intelligent detection system that uses data such as temperature and luminance conditions from the ambient environment, to automatically adjust the sensitivity.


What’s exciting about Optex’s new release is that it makes it possible for large areas to be laser-scanned and for any disturbances or intruders to be picked up.  “In such instances, the system will then immediately instruct the nearby PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera to focus on the disturbance, thereby allowing control room personnel to dispatch the necessary actions,” he explains. 


Zane Greeff, Elvey’s Technical Director, is delighted with the sensor’s rugged, durable construction and reliable operation.  “Optex has given the market a top-of-the-range product that incorporates intelligent detection using data from the ambient environment.  As a result, it is able to automatically adjust its sensitivity to temperature and light conditions, which has propelled it into a market leadership position.”


According to Greeff, the REDWALL sensor takes surveillance and perimeter protection to a new level, much to the delight of professional suppliers and installers.  The sensor, with its 100m range and video verification platform boasts three outputs, which Greeff says are utilized for far, near and creep detection.  “Multiple outputs are useful for activating video transmission systems and controlling PTZ cameras.  The detection angles of the main area of protection can be adjusted to match the camera’s field of view, which allows for the control room and security personnel to decide on how best to deal with disturbances.”


Also important to Greeff is its anti-rotation function.  This comes with a 3 axis accelerometer, used in the study of complex motion and therefore able to detect a human presence even in harsh conditions.  The presence of thermo sensors, light sensors and active infra anti-mask also aid in the capturing movement, he points out. 


 “The new design of this intelligent outdoor PIR (passive infrared) is not only aesthetically appealing; it has also improved mounting height options from 4m down to 2.3m with a fully adjustable 5m creep zone,” he says.   “Fitted with a motion sensor on the bottom of the unit to cover the creep zone, this anti-creep feature operates on its own independent output.  This serves as a protection mechanism of the unit itself, while simultaneously ensuring that the ground below is not a blind spot.  Finally, triple dual pyro-electric sensors and double-conductive shielding protect the unit from visible disturbances that could lead to false alarms, another huge benefit.”

[1] SAPS crime statistics for 2007/2008 compared with 2006/2007 show that robbery at non-residential (mainly business) premises increased by 47,4% or 3 173 cases (from 6 689 to 9 862 cases).

Robbery at residential premises increased by 13,5% or 1 720 cases (from 12 761 to 14 481 cases).


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