18 December 2009



The retention of staff and the creation of good workplace morale are among the most important goals of enlightened leaders in any company anywhere today.


The big question, however, is how to go about making these goals into reality.


The answer, according to Larry Sloley, training officer at Elvey Security Technologies, lies in being able to access high-calibre staff mentoring and training programmes that balance the aspirations of employees with the needs of the business.  Anything less, he maintains, will probably end up being a costly failure.


“Directors, managers and other leaders within an organization’s organogram need to understand that there is enormous value in providing employees with opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally,” he asserts. 


Having been involved in training for many years, he speaks from experience when he says it’s critical for employers to send the right staff on the right training and for the right reasons.  “The end result of any training course worth its salt is improved morale, better work performance, increased profitability, more empowerment to make decisions and of course, employee retention.”


He continues: “In order to ensure that these goals are achieved, the course has to offer some sort of evaluation.  In today’s highly competitive global village, a training course that concludes with just an attendance certificate and no means of assessing its value or whether it accomplished what was promised is very often a waste of time and money.”


In his opinion, there is nothing to beat the coaching offered by UK security systems training heavyweight Tavcom Training, which moved into sub-Saharan Africa in partnership with Elvey Security Technologies four years ago.


“Tavcom believes in the creation of technical programmes where everyone wins. Designed to address the training needs of the entire security industry from installers, integrators, system designers and specifiers to sales and marketing people, utility plants and banks, Tavcom in South Africa  has  expanded its initial course base from two to eight of the over 40 Tavcom courses available in the UK.”  (These include Intruder Alarms, Access Control, CCTV Foundation, Installation, Planning, Repair/Maintenance, and last but not least CCTV over IP (Internet Protocol).)


Each training course offers delegates the option of obtaining a BTEC qualification which is independently certified by the United Kingdom’s highly regarded Edexcel Foundation.  On completion of all eight courses, students may then opt to register for their BTEC Diploma (for an additional fee).  “Tavcom offers students an internationally recognized security certification, thereby making it possible for them to compete successfully in the global industry or enter the overseas job market,” he says.  “Testimony to the success of the Elvey/Tavcom partnership is the number of industry personnel who have attended the training, more than 400 of whom are now qualified to pursue their BTEC Diplomas.”  


He adds: “Tavcom Training offers the highest levels of non-brand specific tuition possible.  Unlike many other training courses on offer, Tavcom does not focus on product-specific training.  As a result of the fundamentals being correctly taught, in an environment that balances theory with practice, individuals will be able to apply their knowledge to systems they encountered anywhere in the world.  What’s more, the training, which blends old and new technology, makes it possible for them to get up to speed with industry requirements.  To this end, many experienced professionals attend courses to ensure that they stay on top of their game.”


Elvey Marketing