02 May 2011

DSC’s New webEntry Security System: A “plug-and-play” marvel! 


Unlike traditional access control systems, DSC’s new webEntry security system doesn’t require a dedicated computer or special software.


Instead, by combining a web server interface, and access control and intruder alarm functionalities into one unit, users can administer the entire system and receive remote notification of events and alarms via their browsers.


A 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection and auto network configuration on Microsoft networks makes the webEntry controller quick and easy to install. What’s more, its standard interface means that anyone with Web-browsing experience can operate it with ease.


At the forefront of IP-based security technology, this low cost, entry level product allows for complete system administration and monitoring on any network connected to a computer that uses a Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.  Available in various configurations, the controller supports up to 64 doors and can manage up to 10 000 cardholders, with the added benefit of identification (ID) badging.


Onboard battery backup enables it to stay online for approximately three hours, thus keeping potential down time to a minimum.


Card numbers, access levels and time zone details are easily extracted from the database, which can also validate card requests from readers.


The webEntry unit removes all the traditional hassles of system installation.  All that’s required is for one network cable to be connected and a fixed IP address to be allocated to the client’s IT network.  This done, any PC with access to that network can administer the system via web browser with the correct user name and password. 


Interfaced with Intruder Alarm, webEntry integrates with the DSC PowerSeries range of intruder alarm panels. Integration is achieved using a serial interface (via the DSC IT-100 interface module), which allows customers to arm and disarm intruder alarms by utilising pre-configured access control readers to activate the Intruder Alarm Panel and even switch on exterior lights. The physical location of any breach can be easily found using the graphical alarms display.


webEntry™ also boasts an easy event reporting facility, whereby through the use of a web browser, data can be emailed to designated system users. Roll call reports that provide a real time count of zone occupancy can also be quickly and easily produced. 





Prepared and supplied by priyesh Jagjivan

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