16 September 2011

World-leading outdoor detector brand Optex has wrapped a two-week-long South African and Namibian road show in which it introduced its latest product offerings to more than 700 security equipment installers. 


According Optex spokesperson Yoshinori “Nori” Ashikaga, the road show was tailored to suit the Sub Saharan security climate.  “The manufacturing process can vary from one country to another, depending on climatic and other differences,” he explained.  “A detector manufactured for the Chinese market, for example, would not be suitable for the African market, which is why our research is ongoing and worldwide.  Testimony to our commitment to quality and service is the fact that one in every four outdoor detectors installed around the world is an Optex detector.  In figures, this translates into two million Optex detectors installed each year.”


Optex’s technological advances in the field of false alarms were of great interest to visitors, he added.  “The reliability of long range detectors is linked to the ability to mask items such as plants and busy roads, to this end we have developed built-in flaps and plates.  These innovations mask complex and undesirable areas, which are prone to triggering false alarms.” The Optex range provides flexibility and control when using outdoor detectors, whilst providing the same level of performance usually limited to internal detection systems and can be used to complement and improve existing systems.


Tasha Smith, marketing manager for Elvey Security Technologies, said the road show, which incorporated 13 venues, had not only introduced new products such as the Optex HX80 Outdoor Detector, to installers but had also demonstrated how best to utilise the brand’s cutting-edge technology to combat crime.


“The road show highlighted the key technologies available in South Africa,” said Mrs Smith, who believes Optex sets the benchmark in outdoor intruder detection in terms of innovation, reliability and performance.  “Attendees were shown the various applications in which detectors can be used.  For instance, the FIT range is perfect for narrow corridors, specific windows and doors, while the high mounted HX80 is ideal for securing the property structure.  It will trigger an alarm should anyone come within a two metre distance of a door or window on that particular part of the structure.  Also on show were the popular BX and VX series.  


In closing, she said feedback from the show had been very encouraging.  “Attendees relished the opportunity to learn about the advanced technology that forms the core of the Optex detectors and how these technologies affect outdoor security installations. The superb flexibility of the range means that customers can design their system to monitor specific areas or limit detection to a boundary or perimeter wall whatever best suits their needs.




Prepared and Submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technologies

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