06 October 2011

Elvey Security Technologies is proud to announced the release of the WS4920 Wireless Repeater, the newest addition to the DSC family of wireless products. The WS4920 Wireless Repeater is an easy-to-install wireless device that significantly extends the range for DSC 1-way wireless devices from the control panel/receiver and compensates for interference sources by improving signal quality.

Ideal for both new and existing installations, the WS4920 Wireless Repeater is backward compatible with existing security systems, including ALEXOR, PowerSeries and MAXSYS and easily extends the range of 1-way wireless devices helping installers avoid costly modifications. Up to four wireless repeaters can be installed onto one control panel, with each repeater handling up to 164 DSC 1-way wireless devices.

Featuring placement testing capabilities, the installer can place the Wireless Repeater away from any noise or sources of interference, ensuring strong communication between the repeater and control panel or receiver. It is compatible with a range of wireless control panels, receivers, door/window contacts, sensors and other devices. The Wireless Repeater is equipped with Status LEDs for AC, battery and RF Jams.

Offering a compact design, the Wireless Repeater comes with a 24-hour back-up battery and is equipped with a wall and case tamper protection.

Submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technologies

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