21 October 2011

Easy to install, portable and more aesthetically pleasing than its hard wired counterpart, the wireless security system is the first choice of a growing number of safety-conscious home and business owners.


The rapid adoption of wireless communication is making our environment noisy and dense with radio energy.  As a result, the performance of wireless security systems is often hindered by collisions, interferences and jamming.


Accordingly, Visonic’s new PowerMaster-10, is describes as a “new era” in wireless intruder solutions and the answer to the demanding requirements of today’s security industry.


Visonic’s PowerG, through the use of the proven AES-128 (128 bit key) advanced encryption algorithm, ensures correct message identification and protects the alarm system from code grabbing and message substitution. Security standards are becoming more stringent, requiring higher immunity to interferences, message substitution and hacking attempts as well as correct message identification and faster supervision. There is also increasing demand to reduce installation costs and times as well as on-site maintenance on the back of rising labour costs worldwide.  The answer lies in Visonic’s new technology, which is robust, reliable, cost-effective and easy to install.


Avoiding Waste through Visual Alarm Verification

One of the biggest problems faced by security organizations in South Africa is the deployment of manpower to alarms which turn out to be false. In a country where crime is high, response officers swear that there is no better way to verify an alarm, hold-up, burglary or other life-threatening event than with visual alarm verification.


The perfect camera partner for the PowerG is the Next CAM PG2, a two-way, wireless PIR detector with an integrated camera that delivers unrivalled visual alarm verification, day or night. This detector is typically installed in areas where extra visibility is needed, such as hallways and stairwells. When the alarm system is armed and the PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects movement, it automatically activates the camera and sends an alert to the control panel, which immediately sends image feeds to the central monitoring station.


The detector comprises an anti-tamper camera with CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor), 90 degree wide-angle lens and 640 x 480 pixel picture resolution. The camera has a range of 12 meters in good light and 10 meters in complete darkness.


Additional System Features



In line with the growing move to safeguard energy resources, each device is programmed to continuously measure communication quality and automatically adjusts the transmission power to the minimum that is required for reliable communication with the panel. Full, two-way synchronized communication ensures that transmissions are short and volumes kept to a minimum, this significantly extends the battery life of the device.


Huge transmission range

PowerG employs advanced FM radio and diversity antenna technologies that, when combined with frequency hopping and synchronized TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) communication, provide an extremely large transmission range - far greater than the industry standard. This enables repeater-free installations even on the largest sites.  


Supports advanced applications

PowerG was designed to handle high bandwidths so that networks can transmit large amounts of data in the shortest possible time.  The current technology completely supports peripherals such as audio and video applications.


Advanced “toolset” saves time and money

The PowerG’s full, two-way uplink and downlink data communication provides installers with powerful tools never seen before in the industry, and which allow for time and money-saving on a daily basis.  The “toolset” includes quick and easy installation aided by built-in link quality indicators; on-site and remote configurations of devices and peripherals; advanced on-site and remote diagnostics - the system continuously diagnoses RF (radio frequency) and interferences at the site and provides meaningful information to help understand and resolve problems, and remote real-time and walk-testing of the system.







Submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technologies

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