02 January 2012

International star iConnect expected to land in SA 2012



Described by Ingo Mutinelli, national sales manager of Elvey Security Technologies, as a sophisticated command centre for security and home automation networks, iConnect has made its mark on the international arena and will arrive in South Africa in early 2012.  It’s not difficult to see why the system has captured the interest of international consumers wanting high-end, contemporary lifestyle accessories, says Mr. Mutinelli. 


Utilising PSTN, GSM, Ethernet and GPRS platforms that incorporate a dedicated web user interface for interactive, on-line system and home automation control with video look-in, Mutinelli says iConnect will offer superior functionality and easy operation.  “Its advanced remote management features allow end users to access their alarm panels via the web or through their smartphone applications.  In turn, the alarm panel communicates with home or business owners via email /SMS and voice event notifications to inform them of conditions at their premises,” he explains.


For those wanting additional functionality in the form of real-time, alarm triggered event snapshots, Mutinelli recommends the new video verification Two-Way Wireless PIR Camera.  This powerful combination, he says, will enable users and monitoring services to carry out virtual inspections, verify and assess events, and determine appropriate responses in the event of an alarm.


iConnect’s built-in two-way, wireless RF (radio frequency) technology also accommodates PIR (passive infrared) cameras for event-triggered video images, clips and video verification.  Compatible two-way peripherals communicate with the iConnect control panel and respond to RF signals using top-level data security. Super-efficient, he says the peripherals only respond to signals when the control panel is armed, and then they act with enhanced speed to minimize energy consumption and signal traffic congestion.


The system can support a full range of wireless peripherals, including interior and exterior motion detectors, PIR cameras, pet immunity detectors, magnetic contacts, universal transmitters, glass break detectors, vibration sensors, smoke detectors, panic and medical emergency buttons, external and internal two-way wireless sirens, and up to nineteen wireless key fobs.


Installers will enjoy the menu-driven programming, which ensures quick and easy set-up, he continues.  Software updating is also simple, thanks to the unique Remote Firmware Management Program.  Files are downloaded to the control panel using GPRS bandwidth, and the update process begins as soon as users disarm their system locally.  “This application streamlines operations for installers, enabling effective and dedicated customer care with minimal service calls and visits. This technology and functionality marks an interesting new chapter in intruder detection and we at Elvey are excited to bring it to the market,” concludes Mr. Mutinelli. 




Submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technologies

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