20 January 2012

Title: Bosch’s Perfect all-in-one IP Camera Solution


Stock and stationery theft, abuse of telephones and the Internet, workplace bullying … these are the day-to-day problems facing business owners in all sectors.


Is there a solution, and if so, isn’t it likely to be both complicated and onerous to operate, and costly to boot? 


No, says Ingo Mutinelli, national sales manager for Elvey Security Technologies, one of South Africa’s leading security solutions providers. 


“Bosch has the perfect solution in its IP Camera 200 Series, a family of stand-alone IP camera systems designed to meet the needs of budget and time-conscious business owners,” he says.  “Whatever your business sector – retail, commercial, industrial, manufacturing or hospitality - you now have access to an affordable high-performance security system that will protect your livelihood, employees, customers and premises.”


He adds: “Small business owners are usually involved in every aspect of their company, in addition to what their storefront sign advertises – they are heavily involved in procurement, human resources, accounting and marketing.  Most, however, will admit to falling far short of being security professionals, which makes them very vulnerable to theft and abuse.”


Accordingly, he recommends the use of cutting-edge, stand-alone IP camera technology to provide a complete, surveillance system with a host of features. 


Since Bosch’s range of professional surveillance systems does not require any special training, business owners don’t have to worry about downtime.  They can also shelve concerns about the cost of buying unnecessary hardware because the cameras come complete with mounts, power supply and a Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card.  “The beauty of the SD card is that it can record days of footage, which can be archived according to event.  What’s more, the rapid advancement of SD card technology means that the camera storage capacity can easily be upgraded,” says Mr Mutinelli, adding that the IP Camera 200 Series uses H.264 video compression for reducing storage requirements by as much as 30 percent compared to MPEG-4 compression.


For those wanting 24/7 access to their businesses, he recommends the IP Camera 200 Series, which can be connected to their computer.  This allows them to play back recorded video at any time.  The Smart Motion Search feature makes it possible to quickly locate important events by automatically scanning for movement in the recorded video. Free surveillance software enables the operator to view images from multiple cameras on a PC monitor and then archive video clips for later use.


“This tech-savvy series allows business owners to get on with running their businesses without them having to sit in front of their monitors, waiting for an event to occur,” he points out.  “The software, as a result of its motion, tamper and audio detection capabilities, will warn you automatically, whether by email or sms, of an event.  It can also be configured to trigger actions such as setting off alarms or changing recording quality.”


Another impressive feature is the built in microphone that allows two-way audio capability, enabling business owners to communicate with their employees and clients via the camera.


Further, the latest Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard ensures compatibility with other surveillance products, which will keep the cost of future upgrades or migrations under control.


Finally, he notes, in the event of one’s security needs changing, the IP 200 Series can be easily extended by connecting a video recorder such as the Bosch Divar 700 Series, or an iSCSI server.


“I have no doubt that the IP Camera 200 Series is the simplest and best choice for small and medium business surveillance,” avers Mr. Mutinelli. “It’s quick to install, easy to operate and very reliable – exactly what the business operator needs for optimal and secure functionality.”


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Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technology

Tel: (011) 401 6734


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