16 March 2012

Criminals no match for Optex’s invisible guards


South Africa’s business sector, which has a major role to play in desperately needed job creation, is being undermined by violent crime to the extent that it is not only negatively affecting company earnings but also driving entrepreneurs out of the country.


SAPS (South African Police Service) statistics show that the business sector was hit by nearly 15 000 incidents of robbery and burglary during the 2010 / 2011 financial year.  Crime, according to Grant Thornton’s 2011 International Business Report, was revealed to be the number one cause of business owners considering emigrating and a major deterrent to people starting new businesses.  Commenting on his company’s findings in the report, national chairman Leonard Brehm said the effect and cost of contact crime on business remained “appalling”.


In light of this, leading security solutions supplier Elvey Security Technologies, has no hesitation in recommending the use of cutting-edge technology such as Optex’s outdoor detectors. 


Says Elvey’s national sales manager Ingo Mutinelli: “Existing architecture and legacy design can make it impossible to retro-fit the latest in multi-level security systems.  Bearing in mind that there are three levels of physical security, namely the outer and inner perimeters, and the building interior, the ideal would be to have two or three different forms of protection, but this is not always financially or practically possible. Which is where Optex’s venerated range of outdoor detectors has a vital role to play in terms of preventing theft and deterring trespassers.”


Products from Optex’s BX, AX, VX , FIT and HX ranges are regularly chosen by installers for use in a host of commercial and industrial applications, he adds, owing to their flexibility, mobility and reliability, even in the toughest weather conditions.


Characterised by a combination of unique detection area design, on-board technology and the ability to conduct accurate site activity analysis, these detectors are easily integrated into existing systems.


Scrap, lead, copper and electronics, also highly sought-after by thieves, are being successfully protected by Optex detectors around the world.  These, in conjunction with features such as recorded voice warnings, scare off the criminally intentioned, effectively preventing not only theft but the inevitable damage to premises that occurs during break-ins.


Detectors protect not only the inanimate.  Desperate to curb the theft of rare and valuable animals, a zoo in the United Kingdom is relying on Optex to safeguard its prized residents.  According to Mutinelli, a combination of detectors strategically placed in cages and pens as well as on pathways and at the entrances and exits of enclosures, has ensured peace of mind for the owners and keepers.


The protection of external areas outside buildings and factories is fraught with challenges, not only from two-legged predators but also extreme weather, wild animals and even plants, which can undermine the efficacy and performance of security systems.  However, says Mutinelli, the Optex range of outdoor detectors brings with it a new level of flexibility and control, coupled with the high performance usually limited to internal detection systems.



The Technology

Optex detectors utilise unique, multiple layer detection patterns to discriminate between intruders and potential sources of false alarms such as small animals, birds, plant life and sunlight, explains Mutinelli.  This specialised range comprises several purpose-built detectors that provide specific detection patterns and superior, trouble-free performance.”  An integral detector activated voice warning function is also available to deter potential intruders at the outer perimeter.  Its warnings can be programmed to escalate as the threat increases and the volume of each warning can be enhanced through the use of auxiliary speakers.  Detectors are available in wired or wireless form, the latter making it possible for installation in the most challenging locations and providing flexibility for semi-permanent or rapid deployment applications.


The Solution


Optex unique technologies and design provide a wide range of functions that greatly simplify installation and maintain reliable performance, even in adverse weather or poor environmental conditions. Mutinelli believes the Optex AX-350/650TF series will elevate perimeter security to an unprecedented level, for a number of reasons.  Able to create an invisible fence around properties, the series boasts dual beam, long-range sensors with external ranges of up to 200m and internal ranges of up to 400m, making it ideal for use in larger installations.  In addition, the beams offer four site-selectable frequencies that, when stacked one on top of another, create a wall of coverage.  He also likes the fact that these beams are available in wireless versions and can be installed in those tricky areas where wiring is impossible or just too expensive and labour intensive.


In addition, the AX-350/650TF series’ patented alignment technology (I.A.S.C.) allows for the transmitter to be programmed with alignment data.  The technology is also responsible for the receiver’s easy ‘single-man' aiming capability, which dramatically reduces installers’ set-up and alignment times.  Another benefit of the IP54-rated unit is its improved electro-magnetic interface surge absorber and high-surge resistive relay, which protect the beams from lighting and electrical surges.  Being equipped with D.Q Circuitry is another plus since it can send trouble signals when the beam strength drops below an acceptable level.


When it comes to choosing a high mount, outdoor passive infrared detector, Mutinelli has no hesitation in recommending the HX-80 range, which has a reputation for stability and reliability.  “No human being will be able to traverse the detection area without triggering the alarm as a result of its mounting height of up to 3 meters,” he avers. 


Environmental conditions, small animals and the movement of cars and people outside the protected area, are however, unlikely to cause false alarms.  This, he says, is as a result of the presence of dual PIR's and 20 detection zones and being able to limit the detection range.


Suited to a variety of applications, including commercial and storage sites, the HX80 detector will provide area coverage of 24m x 2m. Its advanced temperature compensation feature allows it to accurately detect a human body by automatically increasing the detector’s sensitivity under high temperature conditions, especially where background temperatures can reach up to 37 degrees centigrade, the temperature of a human body.


“Business owners don't have to pack for Perth to beat crime, nor do they have to close up shop in the face of low morale and declining productivity, which is so often the result of crime,” concludes Mutinelli.  “They can create a safe working environment for themselves, their staff and their clients, through the use of internationally acclaimed, cost-effective detection technology.” 




Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technologies

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