18 May 2012

Shany’s new Licence Plate Camera: a new level of efficiency


One of the fastest growing security technologies in the world, number plate recognition has reached a new level of efficiency with the release of Shany Electronics’ MTC-LV6638HQ camera.


The new colour car licence plate camera, launched on the back of ongoing global financial pressure on the policing, commercial and private sectors, brings with it welcomed money and time-saving implications, says Ryan Nortmann, West Rand branch manager for Elvey Security Technologies.


Says Nortmann: “Since its emergence in the 1980s, number plate recognition has undergone massive development.  Its initial high error rate has tumbled to an all-time low, ensuring better-than-ever law enforcement, traffic, road and car park management, border control, and home and estate security monitoring.”


In an age where nearly 180 vehicles are stolen daily throughout South Africa[i] and police resources are stretched to their limits with regard to recovering stolen vehicles and bringing criminals to justice, the camera will be a welcome addition to law enforcement, he maintains. 


According to Nortmann, the MTC-LV6638HQ boasts an impressive maximum resolution of 540 TVL (TV lines: the specification for a camera’s horizontal resolution power) at 0 Lux, enabling it to operate in complete darkness.  The camera is equipped with 6 piece super-high power reflection LEDs as well as 24 infrared (IR) LED’s that allow for image capture in any lighting conditions and enhance the clarity of images captured at night.


Its ability to deliver accurate licence plate imagery, even in the most hostile light and weather environments, is the result of the inclusion of components such as the Sony Super HAD CCD II and the Sony HQ1 DSP, he explains.  Its functionality is further aided by an array of onboard applications such as a mechanical visible light filter, which allows more infrared light to fall onto the camera’s chip, thereby dramatically improving picture quality.


Another key function is automatic dynamic digital noise reduction (DNR), which reduces the haziness of black and white imagery.  It also boasts the latest in “Sense-Up” technology, which enables the camera to “see” in extremely low light conditions without the aid of an artificial light source.


Also impressive is its patented external adjustment feature: through the use of a varifocal lens, the camera’s f3.8~9.5mm lens can record number plates up to 6m away.


From a cost-saving and resilience perspective, the camera, with its built-in sun shield and impressive IP66 rating, keeps dust and liquid out so effectively that it doesn't require any additional outdoor housing unit. 


It’s also a breeze to set up, which, he says, is bound to delight time-and-budget-conscious installers.  And gone are the days of having to open cameras up for even the most minor adjustments because the MTC-LV6638HQ’s settings are all conveniently situated at the back of the camera.


“The bottom line is that, regardless of whether a number plate is filmed in the dead of night or on the sunniest of days, the images delivered by this impressive camera will always be clear and recognisable to the human eye,” concludes Nortmann.


For more information on the MTC-LV6638HQ, please contact Ryan Nortmann on 011 767 8400




Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Tel: 011 401 6700

[i]  South African Police Service (SAPS) Crime Statistics April to March 2010/2011

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