08 August 2006

The use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) as a deterrent to crime and to secure business and property assets is accepted and recognised throughout the world.

Retailers use CCTV to monitor and record evidence on customer and employee misconduct. CCTV may also be used by organisations to institute training and increase productivity. Manufacturers, governments, hospitals and universities use CCTV to identify visitors and employees, monitor work areas, deter theft and ensure the security of the premises and other facilities.

As the term implies CCTV is a self contained system in that all of the circuits contained within it are closed and directly connected. This is unlike ‘broadcast television’ where the signals generated by such a technology are accessed by special receiving equipment that is tuned to collect signals across the airwaves.

Although CCTV has always had a high profile role to play in the security industry it is now also being increasingly used to great effect in more wide ranging monitoring and control applications. Therefore the true potential of CCTV is becoming understood as it expands its scope to aid both the operational surveillance practices being employed by traditional organisations and those involved with specialist surveillance. The use of CCTV will further increase as techniques become more integrated with management systems and enhanced networking and communications.

The general availability of versatile, compatible high quality components for use within the industry will ensure that the technology grows and will present enormous opportunities for all those personnel involved with CCTV activities at every level.

Certainly the CCTV industry is becoming increasingly PC based and influenced by internet protocol (IP) and communications infrastructures. It is also being further integrated with other security networks and building management services but with a provision for it to be managed separately outside of the premises or networked core system. The CCTV system can therefore continue to retain its identity as a closed circuit in its own right.

CCTV will always have a prominent role to play in all security networks and management activities. Indeed it will become increasingly refined as the standards, policies and requirements that govern its use become even more enhanced and demanding.

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