31 May 2012

Bosch’s new Mini PTZ Dome is set to impress



Less than half the size of traditional PTZ mini dome cameras, vandal and theft resistant, and ultra-intelligent, Bosch’s new VEZ-400 is set to impress.


It has certainly wowed Valerie Bingham, product manager for Elvey Security Technologies, a business with a reputation for supplying the world’s top security products. 


“The VEZ-400 heralds a new age in super-high resolution mini PTZ dome surveillance cameras,” she avers. “With its multiple features and strengths, it delivers far more than is expected of its class.”


Premium features such as 26X optical zoom, high resolution 600TV lines and the latest in motion adaptive digital noise reduction (3DNR) technology to clarify dark grey imagery as never before, are contained in its aesthetically pleasing housing, which is designed for indoor or outdoor use.


It also offers 360 degrees of rotation, 600 TVL (television lines) high resolution imaging, and a wide dynamic range to capture important details in scenes containing both bright and dark areas. “Rather than showing the viewing area at a single luminance level, it can increase luminance range in order to prevent any noticeable differences in the pictures,” she says.  “This highly effective function provides the best image quality in its class with regard to indoor lighting conditions.”


The camera’s 26X optical zoom allows security controllers to increase its monitoring range in the interests of easier identification of objects, vehicles and trespassers while its 15 privacy zones allow parts of the detection area to be masked to block out unwanted objects.

The mini dome drive boasts a maximum pan range of 360°/s and prepositioned pan speed of 360°/s as well as a flip function which allows the on-duty security controller to keep absolute control over the protected area.  The VEZ-400 offers up to 210 position presets with camera status, including 8 auto scan modes (including vector scan), 8 tours and 8 pattern modes.

All of this is housed in an attractive charcoal or white shell of just 11.12cm, 20 percent smaller than most other mini domes.  This not only enables it to fit easily into limited spaces but also makes it ideal for discrete surveillance.  


Despite its compact size, says Ms Bingham, this little piece of wizardry is extremely hardy: its IK10 external mechanical impact rating describes its ability to withstand the highest level of impact emanating from vandals, potential thieves and the environment.  On top of this, the camera boasts an IP 66 environmental rating as well as built-in heater and day/night functionality to deliver around-the-clock performance.  This makes it suitable for a range of applications, including shops, schools, universities, hospitals and small to mid-size corporate parks.




Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

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