15 August 2012

Never Miss Another Licence Plate Again


The arrival of Shany Electronic’s new day night colour car licence plate camera, will have your customers in awe of the sheer brilliance of the on-screen picture quality and hi-tech features of the camera.


One of the security market’s hottest new additions, the MTC-WDL713EF-C boasts an impressive maximum resolution of 700 TVL in black and white mode and 680TVL in full colour mode.  


Its ability to deliver accurate licence plate imagery, even in the most hostile light and weather environments, is the result of the inclusion of image sensor components such as the 1/3”Sony 960H EXview HAD CCD II.  This is further aided by its onboard array of functions such as a mechanical visible light filter for clearer images at night, digital image stabilizer (DIS), 2D/3D noise reduction, high light compensation (HLC), E-zoom function (1~256x), advanced motion detection, quadrangle mosaic privacy mask and sense-up.


With its patented external adjustment feature that utilises a varifocal lens, the camera’s f3.8~9.5mm/ F1.2 Aspherical D/N lens allows it to record number plates up to 6m away while the optional f9.0~22mm lens kicks in for distances of between 6m and 13m. 


To enhance the clarity of images captured at night, the camera’s mechanical infra-red cut filter is supported by 30 IR (infra-red) LEDs which become active at 2Lux and switch off at 5Lux.  This, says the manufacturer, makes it ideal for capturing car license plates with retro-reflection. 


So, whether taken in the dead of night or on the sunniest of days, the images delivered by the fabulous MTC-WDL713EF-C will always be clean and recognisable to the human eye.




Prepared and Submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technology

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