28 September 2012

Wireless Security: PowerMaster-30



Goodbye wired, hello Visonic’s new PowerMaster-30 

In the unrelenting fight against crime, the winner is invariably the one with the best security system.

So says Ingo Mutinelli , national sales manager of Elvey Security Technologies.  Announcing the arrival of Visonic’s new wireless alarm system – the feature-filled PowerMaster-30 – Mr Mutinelli said it will not only meet the security needs of both residential and medium size business premises but exceed them. 

“We’re proud to stock this latest offering from Visonic Ltd, which is one of the world’s foremost developers and manufacturers of security and safety systems and components,” Mr. Mutinelli said.   

Similar to its forerunner, the PowerMaster-10, the new system integrates Visonic’s innovative PowerG wireless technology and excels in range, robustness and performance.

Replete with a host of features, the PowerMaster-30 allows security professionals and central stations to up the ante when it comes to service, cost-cutting and performance. 

Narrowing the gap

For starters, Mr. Zane Greeff, technical director of Elvey Security Technologies, says the product’s high-end technology has narrowed the gap between wired and wireless systems so that strength and reliability are almost on a par.  “Using two-way low-power Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, the PowerMaster-30 delivers absolute robustness and uninterrupted message transmission. This, along with its TDMA technology, which prevents interference, jamming and collisions, delivers a powerful, reliable wireless network that’s impervious to dense radio energy.”

Superior transmission range

Another value-add is its extended transmission range, which enables reliable communication with remote devices, even in difficult conditions or complicated infrastructures, avers Mr Greeff.  This impressive performance derives from its advanced radio and antenna technologies that combine with FHSS and synchronised TDMA communication, obviating the need for repeaters on even the largest sites.  Supporting up to 127 devices/peripherals with 64 zones and 48 users, the PowerMaster-30 makes good value-for-money sense for medium size operations.



Extended transmission range of up to 2000m/6500ft (line-of-sight)* - Enables reliable communication with remote devices, even in difficult conditions or complicated infrastructures

Fast and simple

Fast and simplicity itself to install, the PowerMaster-30 brings with it significant cost savings for installers.  Mr Greeff explains: “The system comes standard with a powerful tool set that reduces and simplifies installation time.  This in turn speeds up system configuration and allows for remote maintenance and diagnostics. It also offers a powerful RF diagnostic tool and remote walk testing, all of which save time and money.”


In line with growing international environmental awareness, the PowerMaster-30 supports energy saving via an adaptive transmission power mechanism.  As a result, says Mr Greeff, all network devices are programmed to reduce transmission power to the minimum required for reliable communication with the panel.  The system also continuously assesses communication quality.   Not only does this innovative, “green” technology extend battery life, sometimes to beyond eight years, but it also ensures cleaner air as a result of reduced transmissions.

Advanced applications

The new PowerMaster-30 supports high bandwidth, which enables the network to transmit large amounts of data in a short time. As a result, it can support up to 127 devices as well as audio and video alarm verification applications.


Not only does the PowerMaster-30 come with built-in voice prompts but it also supports a variety of PowerG-enabled devices and peripherals, says Mr Greeff.  These include NEXT PIR motion detectors, door and window contacts, the NEXT CAM (a PIR motion detector with built-in camera), keypads, keyfobs, sirens and more.  Combined with a NEXT CAM device, the system can also be used as a RealAlarm visual alarm verification solution.

A new era has begun

“Wireless alarm systems for the home have been on the market for over a decade and are replacing wired installations at a rapid pace,” comments Laila Arad-Allan, Visonic’s VP Marketing.  “PowerMaster-30 is the answer to replacing wired installations on large premises, and it is also the ideal solution for security professionals and central stations wanting to expand their businesses with familiar products.  Installers generally prefer to use a single system or a family of alarm systems that they can learn to use once and then install at all types of locations. The addition of PowerMaster-30 to the PowerMaster family, its ease of installation, superior robustness and reliability provide the intrusion alarm market with a first-of-its-kind solution.”

* Measured unobstructed line-of-site transmission range: 2000m/6500ft @ 8m/24ft, 750m/2500ft @ 2m/6.5ft




Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan – Elvey Security Technologies

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Source: Visonic press release

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