19 October 2012

 Perimeter Security


The installation of large-scale perimeter protection has, until recently, been costly and time-consuming. 

However, with the availability of Optex’s wireless range of perimeter protection products, the securing of correctional facilities, mines, storage and impound yards, electrical substations, container depots, oil and gas refineries and other demanding premises will no longer be onerously expensive or labour-intensive.

That’s according to Zane Greeff, technical director of Elvey Security Technologies, stockist and distributor of the world’s leading security products.   

Included in Optex’s revolutionary new range is the SL-350 QFR, a 350-foot or 100m battery-powered photoelectric detector, which brings with it “significant cost savings for installers and interrogators” compared with traditional hardwired systems, says Elvey’s national sales manager Ingo Mutinelli.  “What’s more, it offers a major benefit to end users in the form of less down time to business operations since installation doesn’t require trenching or wiring.”

Mr Mutinelli lauds the detector for its high performance and large distance protection, saying it’s the perfect way to lower labour costs and installation.  “And despite its simplicity and flexibility, it’s one of the most sensitive intruder detection systems available on the market today,” he asserts further. 

Another of Optex’s impressive new products, which form part of the Optex BoundaryGard family, is its new Smart Line Series of Quad technology, battery-operated Active Beams.  Designed specifically to meet growing demand for easy instalment and cost-effective perimeter security, Mr Mutinelli says the beams require minimal physical cabling – a boon for remote or difficult to access facilities.  Available in two options, namely the standard SL-QNR and the top-end SL-QFR, which comprises four channel beams and variable frequencies, the units can be mounted on walls, poles or housed in 1.75m or 3m overt towers.  The tower configurations can, in turn, be modified for single or multi head installations or back-to-back pole mounting.

For optimum results, he recommends the use of Optex’s high-grade aspherical lenses, which deliver best spread and strength over a 100m detection range but can still achieve acceptable results over far greater distances.

Designed for easy integration with most leading wireless and GSM transmitters, Optex’s Sniper Viewfinder employs advanced alignment technology designed to improve both reliability and intruder detection capabilities. Further, the innovative product uses a telescopic lens in order to deliver the highest possible visibility and magnification for optical alignment purposes. Even when the detection distance is extensive, the Sniper Viewfinder helps optimise the installation far quicker than most other solutions, he avers. 

The unit's capabilities are supported by a battery life of approximately four years, thanks to the low current consumption in both receiver and transmitter.  It operates optimally between temperatures of -20 and 60°C, and, as evidenced by its IP65 protection rating, enjoys a high level of protection against insects, dust, sand and humidity up to 95%.  Bird protection is also available through the use of a special bird cap, which will not only limit false alarms caused by small animals but will also deflect rain and snow.   

According to Mr Mutinelli, the unit offers a number of outputs, including alarm, D.Q circuit (environmental disqualification), low battery and tamper trigger and indicators that highlight alarms, levels, power and low battery. To make life even easier for installers, he says Optex has also designed a Beam-Alignment unit which automatically aligns the optical axis with the receiver.

Notes Mr Greeff: “The new Smart Line Series offers exceptional performance.  New technology like the Sniper View Finder helps installers with alignment, improves performance and reduces installation hassles. We believe that this new perimeter security technology has taken the industry to the next level, specifically when it comes to remote locations with larger perimeters.  This is where it really scores.”



Submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technology

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