06 February 2013

Elvey and iPulse sign agreement

Ensuring that customers are happy with their biometric security installations means providing them with products that work in the field, come rain, shine or trouble!

That’s the philosophy of Zane Greeff, technical director of Elvey Security Technologies, and Gary Chalmers, CEO of iPulse Systems, both major players in South Africa’s security industry. 

With this in mind, the parties have signed an agreement that will see Elvey distributing iPulse’s impressive range of biometrics products throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa in 2013. 


“Elvey Security Technologies is arguably Africa’s top security distribution company,” says Mr Chalmers.  “In our quest to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we have chosen Elvey to ensure that our products enjoy excellent distribution along with re-seller training and warranty services.”

Adds Valerie Bingham, supply chain manager at Elvey: “We are committed to building relationships with leading-edge manufacturers such as iPulse to bring best-of-breed security solutions to the market. Not only does iPulse address a need for rugged, stand-alone biometric solutions that offer excellent value versus performance but it’s a local company that does all its design and manufacture in South Africa, which is an added bonus for us.”

“Customers buying biometric readers typically install them in harsh environments,” continues Mr Greeff.   “The iPulse product set is a rugged, reliable biometrics solution well- suited to these applications. The readers, for example, have specialised molding, which reduces the impact of corrosive elements such as sea air to the minimum. This ensures that they perform well in dusty and water-prone outdoor and mining environments.”

Additional benefits of the iPulse product range to Elvey are that it supports time and attendance functionality - crucial for most corporate businesses – and that it integrates well with the range of access control solutions carried by Elvey.   


iPulse will enjoy the benefits of Elvey’s extensive national and African footprint, built up since 1946 when the company was founded.  Elvey operates 18 branches country-wide, serving all major cities including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein and recently-opened Rustenburg as well as a branch in Windhoek, Namibia.

“We are where our clients are,” says Mr Ingo Mutinelli, national sales manager For Elvey Security Technologies. He adds that the company operates in a broad spectrum of industries, including mining, retail, general commercial and residential security, and its product portfolio supports biometric applications in all of them.


All of Elvey’s major branches have a technical person on site, with elevated support from senior personnel in Johannesburg, should a problem require it.  Clients also have access to telephone support during business hours on a 0861 135839 number.

“iPulse’s focus on design innovation and manufacturing, and Elvey’s prowess in the fields of marketing, on-selling, distribution, maintenance and product support makes for a powerful partnership between the companies,” avers Mr Greeff. “The partnership will see Elvey as the exclusive distributor for iPulse’s products to its installer partners who include service providers, system integrators and security installers. The installers will then implement iPulse solutions and provide direct end-customer support.  Elvey’s infrastructure will be linked to iPulse in the interests of obtaining direct support and access to the latter’s product range.  Both companies will promote and market iPulse’s products and all sales will be channelled through Elvey.  In outlying areas, however, iPulse will take up most of the support role,” he explains.


iPulse’s products will feature strongly in Elvey’s technical and sales training programmes, which take place regularly throughout the company’s branches and can accommodate up to 20 people.  Elvey also has a fully-fledged training office in Midrand, which specialises in training for sub-distributors and installers, enabling them in turn to be able to train end-users. 

For iPulse installations in other African countries, Elvey will either train installers and sub-distributors at its South African facilities, or it will send a trainer from South Africa to that particular country.  


It’s a given that at some point in time, any security installation will need to have an element replaced or repaired, says Mr Greeff.  “Elvey will be bringing its repair and warranty facilities to the iPulse partnership via the installer, who will extend it to the end user who can be assured of expert and timeous attention to his problem.”

According to Ms Bingham, iPulse products carry a one-year warranty for workmanship, parts and electronics.  Further to this, Elvey will hold a full range of new stock at its national branches and agencies so that its re-seller customers can select products off-the-shelf.  “Stock availability is important to us: we don’t want to have to order in, particularly when there’s an emergency,” she says.  “Not only will we swop out new units for customers to use while their own units are being repaired but we’ll also courier units and spares to wherever they are needed, whether locally or anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.  To this end, our companies are finalising an iPulse unit and spares portfolio for our African agencies,” she concludes.


Submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Marketing Communications Officer

Elvey Security Technologies

Tel – 011 4016700

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