05 April 2013

Optex:  beyond Infinity


Few companies within the highly competitive global security industry can boast growth figures in the quadruple percentage range for their product sales in just four years.


The Optex Co. Ltd can. 


It can also lay claim to being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor detectors on the back of the results of a recent Japanese study in which its new Infinity series outperformed all competition in the arenas of detection time and sensitivity.


Founded in 1979, Optex introduced the infrared-based automatic door sensor to the world – the first of its vast and impressive range of security product chart-toppers that today include entrance systems, factory automation, instrument measuring and transportation safety. 


Says Zane Greeff, Technical Director of Elvey Security Technologies: “As one of Africa’s foremost distributors of electronic security equipment, we only recommend and stock the world’s best products.  Reliability and quality are key attributes of any product in our stable, which is why we have no hesitation in recommending Optex to our clients.  Optex products are the industry benchmark for technical excellence, dependability and innovativeness, and they represent an investment in performance and long-term satisfaction.”


Benjamin Linklater, EMEA Business Development Manager for Optex, summarises the company’s vision.  “Optex’s purpose is to make a continued and meaningful contribution to society by creating a secure, safe and comfortable living environment.  Accordingly, we’re committed to providing solutions to the challenges and uncertainties that people face in the course of everyday life.  Our success lies in our original approach to problems along with our technical capabilities that span more than 30 years.”


While other companies might rest on their laurels at this point of success, this is not an option for Optex.  “Optex continues to set itself apart from the competition by introducing new products and services focused on reducing installation times and labour costs, which we believe are critical to integrators and security consultants wanting to provide their customers with the best possible solutions to their security needs,” says Mr Linklater.


Accordingly, Optex is poised for additional growth through its use of advanced detection technology and problem-solving know-how, he continues.  “The rapid progress of sensor and peripheral device technology allows for innovation well beyond the traditional field of crime prevention.  This is the motivation behind our latest growth strategy, which incorporates further technological advancements as well as the expansion of our sales routes and the development of new business - all while simultaneously embracing change.”


The Infinity arrives

Optex’s VX Series took the world by storm in 1996.  In no time, it became the international benchmark for outdoor intruder detection and early warning systems, according to Mr Linklater, who says sales volumes soared by overwhelming and unheard of numbers within the first 48 months and continued on this path year on year.


Its success he attributes to a host of features including a highly reliable dual detection method designed to prevent false activations from small animals and birds. 


Additional features include patented double conductive shielding, an advanced temperature compensation circuit, sensitivity selection switch, detection length adjustment switch, size judging function, selectable NC / NO alarm output, and photocell for day and night operation.

As a result of its ultra-reliable performance and flexibility, the VX series quickly found its way into a variety of environments including airports, prisons, government, military installations, commercial operations and residential properties.


After an impressive 16-year run, however, the day has dawned for the award-winning VX to undergo a technological facelift.  According to Mr Linklater, it will be replaced by the Optex Infinity, which has the same functionality of the VX40 as well as range of new, cutting-edge features.  “The Infinity is a super detector,” he says proudly, pointing out features such as vegetation sway analysis logic, close range proximity detection, flexible lens patterns and anti-masking options for the preventions of detector sabotage in high risk environments.   


Hugely flexible, the Infinity offers 12m x 90 degree adjustable detection patterns, five ready-to-use masking seal options and a distance range of 12m, 8.5m, 6m, 3.5m and 2.5m.  “The Infinity series can be transformed to suit individual needs,” explains Mr Greeff.  “Unwanted areas such as swimming pools and walkways can be easily blocked out using the masking seals, which also allow for “V-shaped” protection.  In this instance, the ‘V’ is covered up to 12 meters while leaving the inside area unprotected, which is ideal for pools. Other masking seal options cater for 5 x 10m protection, which is perfect for driveways, 1.5 x 10m protection for narrower walkways and 12 x 2m protection for balconies and corridors.”


The Infinity employs Optex SMDA (Super Multi-Dimension Analysis) logic which, notes Mr Greeff, significantly reduces false alarm rates and missed detections. This allows the detector to analyze environmental changes such as temperature or noise and then choose the most appropriate detection trigger from a table of several hundred options.   


Another impressive feature is its double conductive shielding on the element window, which provides bright light disturbance immunity while allowing infrared energy to pass through it.   

It also boasts a size judging function, which virtually eliminates false alarms caused by small animals and other moving objects such as vehicles.


Available as a microwave model, and in hardwire or wireless, the Infinity offers a number of optional extras.  These include microwave boost logic for human body detection, obtainable in the VXI-DAM and VXI-RDAM models.  Mr Greeff elaborates: “Outdoor detectors that use microwaves often fall short on lateral motion detection, something that few installers know.  To compensate for what is essentially a deficit of microwaves, the Infinity is able to automatically adjust the microwave sensitivity according to the signal strength of the PIR (passive infrared) which is sensitive to lateral motion.” 

He continues: “The combination of passive infrared, which is sensitive to environmental and lighting changes, and microwaves, which are sensitive to vibrations, allows for superior intruder detection.  The passive infrared detector receives infrared energy emitted from an object while the microwave unit continually transmits microwaves and receives signals reflected back to it.  When a target is detected by both mechanisms simultaneously, the Infinity will analyze all the information to determine whether it’s a false alarm or not.”


Particularly vulnerable to moisture, microwaves suffer loss of transmission quality under high humidity conditions, says Mr Greeff.  To circumvent this problem, Optex designed and developed a super tough microwave module that uses ceramic PCB along with gold-plated antennae.  This is in direct contrast to the industry standard, typically glass epoxy boards and tin-plated antennae.  “Optex’s Tough MOD unit boasts super-reliable detection performance in the harshest environments such as high temperatures, extreme humidity, oxidation, degradation and light disturbances,” he maintains.


National road shows

Elvey Security Technologies is hosting a national road show to introduce the powerful, versatile new Infinity detector to South African installers.  Please phone your nearest Elvey branch for more details




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