19 February 2007

Optex is renowned for providing reliable detectors derived from advancing its unique technology. And now Optex together with Elvey introduces the improved BX-80N to accommodate the South African environment. The improved unit adds value to the lives of South Africans by incorporating features to combat false alarms triggered the highly unpredictable weather conditions.

Introducing the new detector, General Manager, Keizo Kato said: "Photoelectric detectors are widely used for perimeter protection in severe outdoor environmental conditions. Thus the key factor to prevent false alarms and produce accurate operation is a highly durable structure".

The improved BX-80N now boasts a highly durable structure with the inclusion of rubber packing that is used at all conceivable points where water, dust or bugs may penetrate. Preventing these factors helps deliver performance with higher reliability in severe outdoor environmental conditions.

As added precaution, two small drainage holes at the bottom of the BX-housing have also been included. These grooves allow for any water or moisture that gets into the unit to drain out. This will prevent moisture build up and thus combats corrosion. This new modification will add years to the products life. High density foam is placed in the unit above the grooves to prevent insects from entering the unit.

This advanced feature reduces false alarms drastically making the unit ideal for a wide range of residential and industrial applications.

"As a pioneer in infrared technology, Optex will continue to meet the needs of customers worldwide by further striving to advance quality control with precision and efficiency along with building systems that meet global quality standards. We will do all we can to design and deliver PIR detectors that are easy to install and detectors that will give years of trouble-free operation", concludes Kato.

Elvey Marketing