31 July 2006

Elvey Security Technologies is a proudly recognized for the distribution of quality security products. An illustration of quality is the Samsung SNS-110(P), a controller with a difference.

The SNS-110(P) can transfer images of 4 cameras after compressing them with Motion-JPEG, to network (TCP/IP, cable modem) at the speed of 30 frames per sec (NTSC) or 25 frames per sec (PAL).

This monitoring is available through the internet and intranet systems from anywhere as long as it has a standard web browser installed in the PCs.

The SNS- 110(P) has remote monitoring at the various network environments.

A standard web browser such as Explorer is used, as connections for checks and monitor remotes with internet or intranet remotes.

The SNS -110(P) has various additional control functions, alarm sensor input, relay output and a pre-alarm function which stores up to 32 pre-made images per channel on the alarm event. It has a built in email response system, that sends an e-mail once the alarm turns on to a maximum of 5 users and it sends the received dynamic IP address to the e-mail user. The software is easy to upgrade using a web browser.

Elvey Security Technologies is proudly a recognised distributor of Samsung Electronics equipment in South Africa. Whether you’d like more info, an obligation-free quote, or simply an assessment of your security needs, we’ll be happy to oblige. Contact Elvey Security Technologies on (011) 401-6700 or visit our website at www.elvey.co.za. Alternatively email sales@elvey.co.za.

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