15 June 2006

Elvey Security Technologies is aware that today’s security environment requires functionality, quality and flexibility. So Elvey is pleased to introduce the high-performance Bosch NWC-0495 - a state-of-the-art camera guaranteed to meet your needs.

The NWC-0495 Dinion IP is a 1/3-inch CCD Day/Night network camera, designed to ensure the highest possible image quality at all times.

This ultra compact camera provides DVD-like quality MPEG-4 video at up to 25 and 30 images per second (for PAL and NTSC respectively).

Dinion IP is a true hybrid camera with both Ethernet and BNC connections capable of providing direct network connection while simultaneously supporting existing analogue equipment. Network video signals are sent over IP networks and can be received and displayed on a PC web browser. The BNC connection provides direct input to a conventional analogue matrix switcher or DVR, which further enhances Dinion IP's flexible viewing and recording options. The camera combines 15-bit digital video processing (which enhances sensitivity) and XF-Dynamic (which extends the dynamic range) to provide a sharper, more detailed image with outstanding accuracy in colour reproduction. Depending on the available light, the NWC-0495 automatically switches from colour to monochrome, enhancing sensitivity for IR illumination to provide high-quality images even in challenging low-light conditions.

The IR filter can switch automatically from colour to monochrome by either sensing the illumination level or via the alarm input. The filter can be switched manually via the alarm input, or remotely via a web browser. An internal, through-the-lens IR detector enhances monochrome mode stability by preventing the camera returning to the colour mode when IR illumination is dominant.

The highly accurate 15-bit digital signal is automatically processed to reveal every detail of the image in both the high-light and low-light areas of the scene simultaneously.

Elvey Security Technologies is a proud distributor of Bosch Security equipment in South Africa. For more information contact the Elvey head office on (011) 401 6700 or visit www.elvey.co.za. Alternatively, email sales@elvey.co.za

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