21 May 2007
Your finger is the key…

Biometric Solutions from Elvey Security Technologies

Elvey Security Technologies is proud to provide installers with quality Biometric Solutions from TriFusion Ltd, manufacturers of the TOCA brand, a leading range of fingerprint access control systems in Europe.

TriFusion is a UK based organization that specializes in Managed IT Services, Revenue Recognition/Generation and Biometric Solutions. It has done work with a large number of multi-nationals and the SME market. TriFusion is headquartered out of the UK with operations in Dubai, Canada and India.

With the unique product TOCA, TriFusion offers a convenient and secure alternative for keys, access codes and passwords.

The customers of TOCA range from banks, wholesalers, dealers, security firms, IT businesses and door manufacturers as well as service stations and residential houses.

TriFusion focuses on the unique benefits of the TOCA solutions, such as the increased level of security by using state-of-the-art biometric technology. Stolen keys, cards and forgotten passwords or codes will be a thing of the past. It is practically impossible to loose your key, forget your password or have someone spy on your code successfully. The TOCA system is suitable for doors, garages, locks, notebooks, terminals, networks and the internet.

TOCA solutions from ekey biometric systems are simple, secure and convenient.

Elvey Security Technologies is proudly a sole recognized distributor of TriFusion equipment in South Africa. For more information contact Elvey on (011) 401-6700.

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