15 March 2006

Creating a Sensation with Sensor Technology

Elvey Security Technologies is one distributor that goes beyond offering mere security devices and systems. Elvey offers complete peace of mind.

This year Elvey Security Technologies celebrates 60 years of excellence. The Elvey philosophy has been based upon quality. Therefore, the company has strategically aligned itself with manufactures renowned worldwide for the creation of fundamental security solutions designed to give complete peace of mind.

Drawing on years of experience, Elvey provides superior service and continuous support. Elvey’s repair team has vast and wide knowledge of repairs accumulated over the years and the company’s consultants work as an integral part of your team, to bring together technical expertise innovative ideas and products, domain knowledge of the industry and proven methods in the design of an installation layout. Implementing a forward-thinking approach, Elvey will look for ways to improve and further develop its offering to meet the evolving needs of the security market.

Elvey proudly shares a 20-year relationship with Optex, Japan-based manufacturers of technology proven to offer the most reliable and effective detection methods. Marketing Manager (Elvey), Kenny Chiu chatted to Takashi Nakamura (Senior Sales Manager, Optex) and Shingo Okawa (Head of Research and Development, Optex) about the phenomenal growth of Optex and what the future holds in terms of detection technology.

How does Optex respond to the worldwide increase in demand for security?

Optex has developed extensive research and development programs which are administered consistently in both domestic and foreign security markets. Since the company was founded in 1979, it has focused on optimizing manufacturing locations to provide the right products for key markets. Optex has emerged as one of the leading security providers globally with overseas activities accounting for 60% of the company’s total sales.

As the global demand for security increases, more and more people recognize the value of outdoor crime prevention systems which rely on high-performance visual monitoring mechanisms and early detection of intruders.

What is philosophy behind product research and development at Optex?

Early warning detection is our philosophy. We recommend not only securing the inside of the building but also adding surveillance to the perimeter and boundary of the property. We have developed a system of enhanced outdoor surveillance that is capable of forestalling unauthorized entry into a building. By integrating outdoor and indoor surveillance, this system creates a defense line incorporating three warning levels targeting the perimeter of the property, the boundary of the building, and the indoor area. As a result, we can greatly strengthen and improve crime prevention.

Optex believes that there is no single standard detector that is suitable for all security applications. We are customer driven and thus, we consider customization as the most important consideration in the process of product development. We customize our products to suit the different markets. It is for this reason that we have developed over 50 types of detectors ranging from indoor PIR detectors to digital outdoor beams.

Environmental factors, however, remain the key to the success / failure of a detector and we are working closely with distributors to understand the different environmental conditions in other countries, for example, improved resistance to combat severe lightning storms in Gauteng is one of the main features of the new AX-Series.

Optex has had its footprint in South Africa since 1986, what changes do you see in the security industry in RSA?

The South African market openly embraces new product innovations and constantly strives toward obtaining products with reliable performance. Since the launch of the world’s first digital photoelectric detector by Optex in South Africa last year it has been widely accepted by the market. South Africans recognize the advance in technology and embrace it. Feedback suggests that the South African market identifies the beam as one of the most reliable active beam detectors in the market today and is widely installed in mines, utility plants and game farms.

There are many inexpensive security devices in the market today. These devices are created from cheap components to reduce operation costs in order to secure greater profit margins. However, security service provides recognize that if the system makes a false or missed alarm, unnecessary dispatch is required, leading to unnecessary expenses being incurred. Thus, stakeholders are inclined to select reliable devices which reduce their total operation cost in the long run and build a reputation of being a responsible security service provider.

Furthermore, Optex cannot progress without the support attained from our distributors. We would like to compliment Elvey, our sole distributor in Africa. Elvey has a vast knowledge of the African markets. Combined with its extensive network of sales channels and well-structured support services, Elvey has assisted Optex into the different markets. Our successful relationship with Elvey provides us with the knowledge needed to excel in our design and development.

What are the future plans of Optex in terms of product development and its vision in Africa?

We endeavor to contribute to society by creating a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all. We look at the various reservations and difficulties faced by companies and people across industries and everyday life and propose ways to solve these insecurities through original approaches and proven technological methods.

Early warning detection systems with the use of perimeter and boundary protection will continue to be our focus. This is particularly important in Africa where there are many farms and dwellings are usually large in area. Thus, early warning detection systems help avoid unnecessary confrontation with criminals.

The continent is faced with an extreme disparity of wealth. With poverty on the increase, so is crime. We would like to offer users a wide variety of solutions to fit their everyday needs and we will continue to remain one step ahead in the development of security solutions.

With installers in mind, we have developed products to make installations as simple as possible backed by a 5 year limited warranty for our indoor PIRs and AX-Series outdoor beams, giving peace of mind to both installers and end-users is what we hope to achieve.

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