01 February 2006


The Elvey DSC Wireless Promotion

Getting Wireless is so much easier!

DSC is making waves again with its 21st century generation of wireless solutions that helps keep families and business people safer than ever before. This innovative new line-up focuses on the future: with technologically advanced wireless keys, smoke detectors and alarm status modules manufactured by legendary thinkers, DSC and available at Elvey Security Technologies, sole distributors of DSC security products.

The integrated DSC approach has resulted in an unparalleled spectrum of unique interchangeable component alternatives. They can be configured according to the security needs of every imaginable circumstance, providing double-safe protection with outstanding features: New technology for greater signal range and accuracy, Long-life lithium batteries, Attractive, compact design, Easy to install, program and use, Revolutionary reliability and wireless convenience.

Celebrate the ‘wireless’ concept with Elvey Security Technologies, by taking advantage of our remarkable “DSC Wireless Promotion”.

Save 30% on the DSC Wireless Kit, comprising of a wireless receiver (PC5132), 2 x wireless detectors (WLS904P) and 2 x wireless contacts (WLS925L-433).

The easy-to-install PC5132 wireless receiver supports all 32 wireless detectors and is compatible with all power series control panels.

The WLS925L-433 is an exceptional door/window contact with built-in reed switch, normally closed external contact and is FCC/IC, UL/ULC listed.

Attractive in designed, the WLS904-433 wireless detector is based on the Bravo3D Hardwire motion detector and offers high-traffic shutdown with pet immunity up to 27kg.

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