26 February 2007

Follow the Future…Discover “IP”!

It is a proven fact that people remember about 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they hear.

Elvey security Technologies through it’s partnership with Tavcom Training offer key expertise training in IP.

The Foundation IP course developed with manufacturers in the security and networking industries is the recognised training package for those wishing to add an understanding of IP to their portfolio of skills. A unique blend of classroom theory and workshop-based exercises provides a ‘real world’ approach to networks and IP within the security industry.

“Right now, IP, in particular TCP/IP (transmission control protocol) is the global medium of choice for accessing information”, said Paul Tennant, Tavcom Training instructor. “This time-tested technology has been around for nearly 30 years, and IP-based networks have been used by businesses for the past decade. Hence, it can be safe to say that IP…was, is and will be the future in security technology”.

Tennant added: “IP video monitoring solutions offers enhanced control possibilities and has opened up a new range of uses that goes far beyond CCTV's original role for security and surveillance. The Foundation IP course aims at providing a simple means of integrating uniquely advanced IP technologies within the core operations of security technologies.”

Embrace the future now by registering with Elvey and Tavcom Training for the Foundation IP course. For more information contact Charmaine Gradige on (011) 401 6700. Alternatively, email


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