16 April 2007

Following the popularity of its VisionLine Verifier Plug ‘n Play capture cards, Elvey Security Technologies has advanced its DVR range with the launch of the VPON, PC based DIY network digital video recorders. Long established for innovation, Elvey’s VPON DVR range represents a turning point in security…enabling individuals to build their own remote servers and DVRs.

"VPON provides us with a great opportunity to preview Plug ‘n Play technology to an audience with the knowledge and experience to fully appreciate our new technology," says Francois Smuts, CCTV Product Manager of Elvey Security Technologies. “VPON is a cost effective solution that allows individuals the ability to build a digital video recorder (DVR) with remote surveillance capabilities. Linux-based operating system and software comes preloaded on the DOM chip (Disk On Module) which eliminates the need for a Windows operating system license. The VPON DOM chip and capture cards are combined with other computer components in the construction of a DVR that becomes an embedded system which cannot be manipulated by an operator.”

The VPON series includes three “plug & play” options: VP-100MB - an economical Plug and Play DVR Kit based on VPON Network DVR on Chip Technology with software compression and a recording frame rate of up to 120fps. This unit is designed for low cost and built-by-yourself multiple channels network DVR solutions; VP-101MB - a high performance Plug and Play DVR Kit based on VPON Network DVR on Chip and MPEG4 Hardware CODEC technology with a recording frame rate of up to 100fps. It is completely plug & play to easily get you up and running. No more tedious maintenance or custom hardware/software configuration services; VP-102MB is a real-time Plug and recording DVR Kit based on VPON Network DVR on Chip technology for PCI-express PC type mother boards.

“Unlike most other video capture cards on the market today that utilise MS Windows as the O.S., V-PON is Linux-based. The DOM (Disk On Module) chip stores the Linux-based operating system (O.S.) and DVR software, eliminating the need for an O.S., because the Linux-based O.S. is already pre-loaded on the DOM chip”, adds Smuts.

“A unique feature of the VPON is that it prohibits CCTV operators from using the computer to execute other programs. This feature minimises malfunction as a result of human error”, adds Smuts.

“With its unique DOM (Disk On Module) algorithm and license-free Linux operating system, V-PON has created a reputation in the Asian and South American markets as a true solution provider for digital video recording and remote surveillance” says Dave Waywell, Commercial Director of Elvey Security Technologies.

A recent milestone for VPON was achieved in Brazil where its user, the Brazilian Electricity Distribution Company (CTEEP), has decided to install CCTV surveillance systems in all its 102 substations and critical areas. The features-rich V-PON network DVR System enables the CTEEP management to monitor all its sites via any internet browser over the internet or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) as well as with its built in remote client software.

Other clients in South America include Volkswagen, IBM, Motorola, and Johnson & Johnson. These organisations have trusted the reliability of VPON network DVR systems.

“With no Windows license and software required, the V-PON provides a cost-effective solution to any application. The DOM further preserves system resources as the Linux-based system does not execute on its hard disk which further minimizes the impact of computer viruses and system instability”, says Gideon Wheeler, CCTV Technical Manager of Elvey.

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