24 April 2007

The PK5590CL is a flush mount unit that blends in with any decor and its low profile will make it a winner with the most discerning customer. The colour touchscreen security interface combines basic keypad functionality with an intuitive touchscreen environment housed within a contemporary design ideal for today’s modern installations.

Executing everyday functions such as arming/disarming, zone bypass and system configuration are simplified through the inherent usability of the touchscreen display. This new touchscreen interface has many benefits to end users, it is very user friendly. It allows you to see exactly what mode your alarm system is on, and to change it with just one touch. An example of that would be the Home function it allows user tasks to be performed while the security system is armed in the Stay mode. Users simply press the Home button, which then leads them to the main menu.

The Event Log function allows users to view their alarm history. A convenient scroll bar enables users to locate buffered events. Prominently displayed FAP (Fire/Auxiliary/Panic) keys allow users to contact emergency services with the press of a button. To help reduce false alarms, activation delays have been implemented that require users to press and hold the keys for two seconds before its function is initiated. The screen displays the accessed emergency service to users and notifies them that the request has been sent.

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