27 June 2007
Project scope

To create a perimeter protection for the BHP Billiton Head Office in Witbank.

The history

Premier security installation company, Secure Access, has been involved in improving safety in Mpumalanga for over thirteen years. Currently operating with 60 highly trained and professional staff members, the company conducts alarm installations on private homes and corporate businesses, in addition to running an alarm monitoring and armed reaction service.

Secure Access was commissioned to provide a critical security solution to stop the incidents of break-ins at the office building, by delivering an effective, high tech perimeter monitoring system.

The solution

Julian King, Secure Access’s Technical Director, provided an innovative solution with the assistance of long-term security equipment supplier, Elvey Security Technologies. “Elvey has proven to be a valuable business partner in the provision of high quality and pioneering security products. This in turn enables us to offer improved service quality and peace of mind to our customers,” says King.

A combination of products from the following brands were used: items from the new Bunker range that is imported from Spain and the ever-reliable Optex systems. “We installed 10 bunker poles, 12 Optex AX650’s, 4 Optex AX70’s and an Optex VX402. Although this was a first time installation on some of the products, they were quick and easy to mount,” adds King.

The innovation

The criminal element operating in the country is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The use of infrared beams and strategic perimeter monitoring devices helps the customer to stay ahead of the game. The Bunker and Optex product range are ideally suited for larger, corporate clients, who require increasingly higher levels of security and are also able to afford the high tech systems that are currently available on the market.

The benefits

Optex is renowned in the market for its reliability and high quality monitoring capacities. “The reason that we did not use other beams that are currently available on the market, is because we’ve found that over the years, Optex beams have proven to be more stable and provide outstanding functions to prevent false and missed alarms,” comments King.

The primary advantage offered by the Bunker range is the high level of protection that is provided, as the intruder is unable to see where the beams are. Attractive designs and simple, discreet enclosures is at the heart of Bunker’s ingenious product range, providing excellent alternatives to protect the close proximity of any building. “Secure Access is the first company that has used Bunker products in this particular application. There have been no problems so far and we will undoubtedly use these products a lot more in the future,” concludes King.

The result

The marked increase in the level of security, following the installation of the new bunker beam security solution, has resulted in a substantial reduction in the risk of new intruder incidents.


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