10 September 2007

Most people will be satisfied with just having a job in a field they love, never daring to rock the boat for fear of drowning. Not Hemanth Bindapersadh. After working within the industry for five years, learning all there is to know about wholesale and CCTV, Bindapersadh yearned for more.

Passion for high tech safety

Driven by a hunger for growth, and armed with the financial backing of his partner, this pioneering industry man established Siyaya Surveillance in 2004, with a clear target on setting a standard in high-end security in Kwa-ZuluNatal.

“I wanted to learn more about how we could extend the use of fingerprint readers, access control and CCTV within the market,” says the determined entrepreneur. “The founding members of Siyaya Surveillance have a combined experience of 18 years in the CCTV arena and our team have been responsible for the success of some of South Africa's largest CCTV deployments. We are proud to say that our technical expertise and professionalism has earned us our success.”

Project scope

This growing reputation earned the fully-fledged BEE company the contract to install security solutions to 19 Capitec Bank sites within the region. A single team completed the project within four weeks, proving the efficiency of the company and highlighting the value of partnering with reliable product suppliers.

“It was the first time that we purchased products from Elvey and the excellent service we received made it easier for us to supply our customers with an attractive overall solution,” comments Bindapersadh. The GE NetworX NX8 panel was the officially specified base product for all installations and Optex RX40 and MX40 equipment was used to provide top detection mechanisms. The GE NetworX front panels are undoubtedly industry favourites, as product consistency is what most installers depend on.

Elvey Technical Sales Consultant, Yuban Govender, explains the primary advantages of the Optex products used on site. “The Optex systems are equipped with quad zone logic and has the inbuilt ability to offer wide angle surveillance. The intelligent MX40 microwave detection is quickly growing in popularity due to its constancy and ability to access security situations prior to taking action.”

The MX40 passive infrared and microwave combination detector offers a high-grade sensing performance from a combination of microwave and PIR technology. Its easy installation and compact, attractive design, makes the MX-40 an ideal detection system.

Ongoing mission

Perhaps the most significant difference about Siyaya Surveillance is that its mission extends beyond growing market share. “The greatest concern amidst the industry is unscrupulous dealers. We recently encountered a potential client that was given an astronomical quote on obsolete equipment! It’s important to make sure that customers are well-informed, and our mission is to provide high quality infrastructure and services in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner,” states Bindapersadh. The multipurpose solutions administered by Siyaya Surveillance, together with the best security products supplied by Elvey, forms a strong partnership that bodes well for the customer in need of responsible and reliable security provision.

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