Aiphone GT Series Visitor Pre-Screening Access Control

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Aiphone GT Series Visitor Pre-Screening Access Control

Aiphone GT Series

Pre-Screen Visitors at Large Residential Developments

Flexibility of application makes the Aiphone GT Series the perfect interpersonal communications tool for small residential buildings, gated communities, and large-scale residential buildings (with over 500 units per system).Aiphone GT Series

  • Aiphone’s multi-tenant system can now serve up to 5,000 residences
  • Install one system for housing complexes with multiple buildings
  • Cover a building with more than 500 units, using one system
  • Building management from anywhere via an IP network connection
  • Built-in NFC reader for easy programming and tenant management

Easy To Use Tenant Stations

The five tenant station models are designed for ease of use. Features include:

  • A clear 7-inch display (w)
  • 3.5-inch display on GT-1M3 and GT-2C models
  • Compact and intuitive functional design – illuminated, easy-to-see buttons for door release and communication during calls from entrances
  • Wide angle camera provides a clear panoramic view
  • Audio only on GT-1A and GT-1D models

Enhanced Security Entrance Stations

The entrance stations are available in two styles – all-in-one type (audio and video); and module type (for audio only and other configurations). Features include:

  • White light LED illuminates automatically in low-light conditions
  • Connect an additional CCTV camera – select one of the cameras placed at the entrance for monitoring
  • NFC reader for access codes for lock control

Highly Functional Guard Station

The guard station can connect to individual video door stations (Aiphone JO-DV model) and features:

  • 3.5-inch display
  • Ease of operation for all guard functions
  • Video monitoring of entrance stations
  • Wide/Zoom & Pan-Tilt camera
  • Reception mode function – all entrance station calls are automatically transferred to the guard station, giving the security guard the ability to screen visitors

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