Concept Smoke Screen – Which Smokescreen Do You Need?

Concept Smoke Screen – Which Smokescreen Do You Need? 605 274 Elvey

CONCEPT Smoke Screen

Concept Smoke Screen

The security fog confronts the criminal and hides people and property, forcing the intruder to leave. Security fog reinvents the element of surprise and takes control away from the criminal.

Sentinel S35, S55, S70

Elvey Concept Smoke Screen Sentinel Range

  • Simple integration into existing alarm systems.
  • Powerful anti-raid burst (Turbo Mode) and multi-nozzle options.
  • Dry fog is guaranteed to leave no residue and won’t damage your goods.
  • Persistent fog production – small particle size means the smoke will last up to 40 minutes unventilated.
  • Supports automatic re-firing via screen-sensor technology.
  • Energy-saving mode.
  • Battery backup for off-mains operation (min. 1 hour)
  • Compliant with International (IEC62642:8) and European Standards (EN50131:8)
  • Competitive pricing, easy installation, low running costs, and 5-year warranty.

Sound Barrier S3B

The Smoke Screen Sound Barrier (S3B) complements security fog perfectly.The Smoke Screen Sound Barrier (S3B)
Upon activation, an intolerable wall of sound is created, forcing any intruder to leave the area. As with our entire range of security systems, the effect produced is perfectly safe. Additionally, the design of the S3B allows it to be unobtrusively installed in even the most minimalist of environments.

Xenon Flash Strobe

By producing an intense light effect, the screening properties of security fog are magnified XENON FLASH STROBEimmensely. Imagine driving into thick fog and then turning your vehicle’s full beam on – this gives you an idea of the sensation. The unit itself is small, robust, and designed with style in mind. Using Xenon Flash means that lower volumes of smoke (and hence smaller, cheaper fog generators) can be employed to incredible effect.

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